Hi, our names are Lexi and Cody.

When we were in college, we decided to join forces and start our own business. Why? Because we're rebels and we make a fantastic team. We've got a solid 15 years of experience in photography, a graphic design degree from one of the top 5 programs on the west coast, and a film degree to put the cherry on top of it all.

Fast forward three years later

After we graduated college, we sold everything we owned and bought the van you see in the photo above. We traveled all over the western half of the U.S working with clients and exploring places we've never been. You can watch our YouTube channel to see more behind the scenes of our travels and what #vanlife has been like for us. 

How can we help you?

We've started our own business from scratch, and we understand it aint' easy. That's why we are here to help you succeed and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. We've helped our clients come up with a name and business plan, to rebranding their entire business, to creating a beautiful video that they can share with their customers.

Our main point is, we're here to offer you full service creative solutions.



A little more about us

We're a silly, quirky, fun, adventurous dynamic duo. You can find us spending the majority of our time in the great outdoors and traveling. Our favorite activities are snowboarding, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, camping, van life, craft beers, and discovering new coffee shops.  We also love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Video Games, and all kinds of nerdy awesome things. 

A little more about our van

If you don't already know, we live and run our studio out of our converted sprinter van. We've been living and working in it since June 2016. Why did we do this? Probably because we are millennials. 

Our van is named: The Millennial Falcon. If you get this reference, then we'll be great friends. Truthfully, we are entrepreneurs at heart and always have been. This has allowed us to start businesses and live a very nomadic lifestyle because we aren't tied to a desk. 

Our van is our home, and we love it. Wanna know more about this lifestyle?  Check out our blog.


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