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Hey Freelancers & Wanna-be-lancers:

 Raise your hands if you’ve been dreaming about working online & traveling the world!

But let me guess…

You’re having trouble creating the income in your freelancing business to fuel your freedom filled adventures.

You’re chasing clients to pay you on time, struggling to keep a consistent client roster going, unsure and scatterbrained about your prices, processes and products…

You’re tired of seeing all of those influencers promoting courses and workshops promising that you’ll be able to earn six figures a year.

In all honesty, you just want to be able to earn $2000+ a month consistently without feeling like you’re constantly fighting for it.


 Well, what if I told you…

…that you can travel the world, magnetize your dream clients & create consistent income in your freelancing business easily.


Back when I first started freelancing I dreamt about traveling all over the world, but I was going through roller coaster waves of having money one month and the next month, not having enough to afford gas.

I would always worry about where my next client would come from, how I would pay my bills, and dream about financial stability so that I could really travel how I wanted to…

(those national park entry fees ain’t cheap ya know.)


This ALL changed when I decided to do something about this feast and famine cycle that I was stuck in. 

I decided to throw a wrench in the wheel of starving struggling creative entrepreneur and create a simple process for how I would create the money I desired for the lifestyle I wanted to live.

I was able to go from dumping coins on the floor to pay for gas…

To being booked out, inquiries pouring in, and making money in my sleep!


Hello, freelancing freedom!


Everything finally felt so much easier!

Making money felt easy and less stressful. Clients were coming to us for our services instead of the other way around. Our mindset about freelancing, entrepreneurship, & making money had gone through a complete overhaul.

We get to choose who we work with, what projects we work on, and decide how long we want to work each day.

Whether it’s 2 hours a day every day, or 12 hours in one day and then the whole week off..we finally get to have the freedom to adventure AND pursue what we are passionate about.



The Work From Wherever Academy


A 3-month program to help you attract your dream clients, build a unique brand & generate a consistent income to fuel your adventures.

You are so ready to cut through the bullshit and learn how to actually create consistent income, attract dream clients, and create a brand that is unique and memorable. 

This will change everything for you.


Get on the waitlist!

The program officially launches in october 2019


    It’s time you broke through what’s keeping you stuck.
    (hint: it’s not your business)

    We’ll dive into your mindset, strategies for personal growth, and the skills you need to develop to grow past the things blocking your success.

    Unlike most online courses, I won’t give you a generic blueprint to copy and hope for results. I’m going to guide you & give you tools to forge your own unique path.


    The Freelance to Freedom Framework:

    Inside of this 3-month program, you will develop the skills, mindset, and confidence to generate consistent income, fall in love with your work, and attract your ideal clients.


    Be Magnetic

    The first month, you will learn how to transform your mindset and become more magnetic to opportunities, clients, and money. You’ll gain the confidence to show up as your best self.

    Make Your Mark

    In the second month we’ll cover how to own your unique magic, stand out, and make an impact on the world through branding, marketing, and showing up as your authentic self.

    Fuel Your Adventures

    In the last month, you’ll learn how to develop systems, processes and income streams to make working & traveling a breeze. We’ll cover passive income, money mindset, & automations.


    Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside the academy.

    Weekly training and exercises to help you improve and up-level your freelancing biz.

    Two group coaching calls per month to help you navigate your professional growth.

    A private community to connect with other participants… and me, of course!

    Implementation and launch days to focus on taking actions that move the needle.

    Resources like PDFs, tools, and practices you can use for yourself and your clients.

    The Work From Wherever workbook, an in-depth manual documenting all of the resources, techniques, and strategies we cover so you can reference them anytime.

    PLUS you’ll receive extra free bonuses for those who sign up during the pre-launch phase!


    Alright so, who is this program for?

    This is not just another online course that you’ll start and never finish.

    It’s about mastering your mindset and stepping into the role of a badass, confident, business owner so that you can change your life and create results for yourself and your own clients.

    It’s also about learning how to create money consistently and how to build the processes and systems to give you the freedom to travel and not be chained to your laptop.

    But I’m going to be honest.

    There will be some work upfront you’ll have to do in order to see the success & income you desire to give you the freedom you crave.

    These results aren’t going to happen unless you’re willing to make a change and take a risk. It all starts with you!

    In this program, we are going to take a deep dive into WHY you are struggling, we will uncover some deep-rooted beliefs and do the mindset work that feels uncomfortable.

    This is what fuels your growth and makes you more magnetic to clients, money, and success.


    Whether you’re a:


    This program will help you:

    ✔ create steady income in your business and keep a consistent client roster going.

    ✔ attract more dream clients instead of working with people that suck the life out of you.

    ✔ charge the right amount of money for your work and feel more confident in your offering.

    ✔ get out of the feast and famine cycle, have clients who pay on time, and make more money.

    ✔ make changes to your mindset and uncover your deep-rooted beliefs and internal blocks.

    ✔ learn to use manifesting principles to master your mindset and control your success.

    ✔ create a business that supports your lifestyle and thirst for adventure.

    ✔ hone in on your brand messaging, style, and visual presence.


    Hi! I’m Lexi - your freedom tour guide.

    I run a nomadic creative digital agency - where I help small business owners bring their big ideas to life through web design, branding, video,& more!.

    When I first started freelancing, I couldn’t make ends meet. But I was so determined to make it work that I kept persisting through the roller coaster waves of the feast and famine freelancing cycle.

    After many years of this, I finally decided that I was sick of this cycle and decided to make a change.

    I went from broke, desperate and frazzled earning less than $10,000 a year to earning $10,000+ a month in my business.


    I am so passionate about helping you run a successful service based business ONLINE because I don’t want you to board the struggle bus and be a starving struggling freelancer any longer.

    My journey to freedom has been long, windy, and full of unexpected surprises..

    But now, I 100% believe that my purpose in this one and only lifetime was to experience all of the hardships & lessons of freelancing to help guide YOU & fast track your way to success.

    Are you ready for it to be easier?


     You have a choice to make.

    Either you keep doing the same thing you’ve always been doing, don’t invest in learning new skills or growth, and keep getting the same results..


    You can make the commitment to do something different that may change everything for you, give you the freedom, support, consistent income, structures, and tools you need to get to the next level.


    Whatcha waitin’ for?

    Questions? I have answers:


    How will the program work?

    Each month, we’ll focus on a specific theme relating to the Freelance to Freedom Framework Because the content will be released month by month, you won’t ever feel overwhelmed or get too behind.

    All of the educational material will be self-paced, but every other week we will have a group coaching call where we can discuss the material, get feedback, and work through our internal blocks together.

    That means you will receive plenty of 1:1 help from me throughout the three month program. I will not only teach you but guide you through everything!

    When does this officially start?

    The program officially begins in October 2019.

    When do I get the free bonuses and what exactly are they?

    You will be able to access all the bonuses for free when we start in October. They will be additional trainings, workshops templates & more! You wont want to miss out on them.

    What happens after I enroll?

    As soon as you enroll, you will receive a welcome email that contains your next steps and important program information, as well as access to the private community.

    How do I reach out with a question not listed here?

    Simply shoot an email to lexi@dynamoultima.com and I'll get back in touch with you shortly!


    How long will I have access to this program?

    You will have lifetime access to all of the material, but the Slack (or Facebook) community will be archived after our three months program is complete. If there are any updates or new materials added to the program in the future, you will receive them for free. 

    Is this more for newbies or advanced business owners?

    This is intended for newbies AND advanced business owners. The content in this program will be valuable and powerful no matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been doing this for years.

    How much of a time commitment is this program?

    There are live components of this experience, but everything will be recorded for you to watch on your own schedule if you prefer. You’ll have lifetime access to the content so you rewatch whenever — and as often — as you want.

    Are payment plans available?

    Yes! I want to make sure this is accessible as possible for anyone who has a deep desire to learn. Just choose the payment option that works best for you!

    I simply don’t have the money. Are there any other options?

    Many of the clients I've worked haven't "had the money" but we're so committed to making a change in their life and business they found ways to source and create the money. One of the options available to you is PayPal credit. You can easily apply for PayPal credit and use financing to get started. Check out PayPal Credit here.



    What our previous students have to say:


    Lexi created an authentic how-to for millennials looking to break free from the cubical and make it on their own. She's no-nonsense and doesn't sugar coat it. She's practical, offers actionable advice, and doesn't want you to lose momentum. She's your next super knowledgeable digital nomad BFF.



    “I am just starting out in my career and I was feeling intimidated because I found it difficult to find articles or websites that gives me the insider perspective of making money online to fulfill a nomadic lifestyle. 

    Dynamo Ultima’s online course gave me everything I needed to take the first step, and references/guides to look back to when i’m feeling unsure. It also gave me the motivation, inspiration and helped believe in myself even more!

    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to freelance, work online & live a nomadic lifestyle.”