Is your DIY van conversion overwhelming, frustrating, and challenging?


Have no fear, the Dynamo Ultima Van Manual is here!

Ease the overwhelm with our helpful deep dive of the ins and outs of our van build & see how we did it 100% ourselves.

Even if you don’t want to copy our layout it will be helpful for you to see our process. This will give you peace of mind & help you make important decisions for your own DIY van conversion.


What’s inside?

✓ Dimensions & specs of our entire build.

✓ Wiring & plumbing diagrams

✓ Pet air conditioner & tips for living with a pet in a van.

✓ Detailed photos of the build process.

✓ Helpful articles & tips.


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What happens after I purchase?

After you purchase the van manual, you will be redirected to a page to download the digital file. You’ll also receive a link to download in a confirmation sent to your email.