2018 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter Van

170’ Wheelbase | 3500 | 15,800 Miles

Asking Price: $105,000


We bought this van brand new and spent 5 months in 2018 building it ourselves. This is our second van conversion. We lived in it full time from October - March during winter months and then did part time travel this summer.

Fully tested in harsh winter months. 4x4works amazingly in snow. We tested it out in Colorado.

We are selling the van because we aren’t looking to do full time van life anymore. We only do part time trips every so often so we feel this van is better suited for someone looking to live and travel full time for months at a time. When we first built it we had the intention to live in a van full time so we built it out with that in mind. Fully loaded to live comfortably!

We are looking for the right owner!

This van is our pride and joy and a lot of love was put into the build. We had the van up for sale earlier this year, but we decided to hold onto it for some summer trips.

Take a look below to get more details about what we built into the van, more photos, and check out our van tour video to get even more details in action!

If you are interested or have additional questions, send an email to


Key Details of the conversion:

  • Smoke Colored Maxx Air Fan with remote

  • Espar diesel heater

  • Zinus memory foam mattress

  • Novakool low draw fridge & freezer

  • 400AH Battery Bank - Renogy AGM

  • 3000 Watt AIMS inverter + charger with a shore power hook-up

  • 400 Watts of solar - Renogy

  • 42 gallon water tank

  • Bosch 5 Gallon On demand hot water heater

  • 2200 watt gasoline generator

  • Natures Head Composting Toilet

  • Enclosed wetroom

  • small pet kennel (can be converted to storage)

  • sound system + stereo deck with apple carplay

  • Flarespace body flares with window

  • Dometic Roof Light Above Bed

  • dual mountain bike fork mounts

  • dual snowboard/ski rack



Insights & notes from experience:



We added two flares from Flarespace to create more width for the bed. We are 5’9 and 6’0 - with the added flares, we both sleep comfortably on this bed. You can’t sprawl out like a king size mattress but it’s ample space for sleeping. If you are alone and a little taller you could sleep diagonal across the bed for extra space. Couples probably shouldn’t be over 6’0 tall.


The mattress is a 6in queen sized memory foam from Zinus. We cut it to fit within the space so it is custom sized.

Near the head of the bed where the pillows are, we added a CR Lawrence window in the flare - this opens and has a screen. Perfect for warmer summer nights to create air flow. Coupled with the Maxx Air fan it creates a nice breeze. Flare is finished with a thin foam layer and fabric glued to the top - fabric is starting to come off which is what you see below. Easy fix!


Next to each side of the bed are USB charging ports that don’t require the inverter to be on. This worked for us to charge our phones at night. You could also put in a small USB fan if you wanted more air flow.

On one side of the bed there is a touch light for lighting in the back. We rarely used this unless we needed a reading light. Other than that we just used fairy lights in the back and didn’t install any cup lights in the ceiling.


Above the bed, there is a Dometic roof light - this has a hatch and you can open it up. We absolutely loved this feature. Perfect for sleeping under the stars, watching meteor showers, or just watching clouds go by during a daytime nap.



There is a Natures Head composting toilet in a which we absolutely LOVED. We wouldn’t have a bathroom any other way. Super easy to clean & empty.


The shower is connected to our 42 gallon water tank - along with the Bosch 5 gallon on demand water heater.

We put in a weather sealed cedar wood flooring which adds a few inches oh height in the shower, if you are tall you will just have to sit down to shower. Don’t worry, the natures head is marine grade meant for a wetroom. No need to be concerned about getting it wet!


We found that we didn’t use the shower as much as we thought but it was really nice to have to rinse off after mountain biking. Plus the retractable sliding door gives you privacy in the bathroom if you are living with someone else.


The shower is completely sealed and waterproof. The water drains out underneath the van. We have it hooked up for a gray water tank, but don’t have a tank installed.


The kitchen countertop has ample space for cooking amazing meals. The sink is a ceramic farmhouse style sink. Great for doing dishes in a small space.


The van also comes with an induction cooktop and Magma induction pots & pans set. We highly recommend getting a camp stove for winter months when solar power is not at peak performance. Induction in the winter can use a lot more power, especially if you are going days without any sun.


The refrigerator is a Novakool R3800 - we LOVE this fridge and we had it in our first van build. It’s big enough for tons of food and beers! Plus it has a small freezer for storing popsicles or frozen fruit for smoothies. It’s a low power draw fridge and works amazingly.


Our floors are Vinyl - but you can easily replace them with click laminate if you don’t prefer the design style of the vinyl floors.


The electrical/power is ample enough for two laptops, induction cooking, powering devices, powering a Nutribullet RX blender, and a Breville risotto slow cooker. We also had a Breville espresso machine in the van, but we needed to turn on the car for an extra boost to the voltage of the battery bank. We found there was more than enough power to live comfortably.


We bought a generator for winter months and also added a shore power hook up. The induction cooktop can use a lot of there is no sun and if you are stationary, we recommend a camp stove.

There are warm cup lights on a dimmer switch.


There is a 400ah battery bank, 3000watt inverter, and 400watts of solar. The Nex pioneer stereo deck includes apple car play. We wired the sound system to the battery so you don’t have to have the car on to play music.


There is 2 12” subs in in the back, added speakers in the back doors, and new speakers in the front. Makes for an amazing sound system while driving AND if you are hanging with friends camping you can open the back doors and angle the speakers to your campsite.

The Bosch instant water heater uses a lot of initial power to heat up and requires either a generator or the vehicle to be running while it’s on to heat up the water.


The battery is hooked up to the alternator, so while you are driving the batteries will charge right up.


The office/bench area is great for just chillin, working, and eating. One thing we wanted to add is swivel seats to create more hang out space in the front. Plus with a drivers side swivel you could potentially have a guest bed!


This space can easily be converted into a bench seating with seatbelts if you wanted to. Underneath the bench we built a small dog kennel for our dog! It had a pet A/C unit in it but the winter months broke the fan. It can be replaced easily. If you don’t have a small dog, you can just take off the doors and convert it to a storage area.

There’s also a large cabinet for storage underneath.


The table is a recycled piece of wood we finished. It’s on a Lagun swivel and can be moved around. You can also take it off completely and store it away if you don’t need it.


Above the bench are two large storage cabinets with fun party lights. There are also two lights above the office that are wired separately than the other lights. We did this so one person could use the office space while the other sleeps without waking them up.

The window next to the bench is a CR Lawrence t-vent window. You can open it up and let a breeze in while you work.


In the garage we have the electrical system, you can remove the wood panel to access it. There is also 2 12” subwoofers.


On the left is a 42 gallon water tank that has a fill gauge. You can fill it directly on the valve and you’ll know when it’s full!

We also added lighting underneath so at night you can find anything you need. Both sides have storage. The left side has a bottle opener.


We created a ski/snowboard rack in the middle and on the sides you can store TWO mountain bikes on the fork mounts. You just need to take off one pedal on each bike and the front tires. We were able to store everything we needed underneath here.

We also have a 2200 Watt gasoline generator stored underneath here. Comes with the van.


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Here’s a super detailed list of products we used in our conversion.