You Already Are The Person You Want To Be


Are you sick of failing at new years resolutions? 

If so, you'll enjoy this article I wrote for Sian's latest issue of The Unmistakable Effect. We're also featured as the front cover image! We're so excited to see our work out in the wild.

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It’s the new year, that time of year where you can start over and be the best version of yourself. The person you’ve always wanted to be.. Its that time to accomplish all of those things you wanted to accomplish last year, time to really get your life together. You set out with goals, resolutions, and big dreams of your future self; only to be quickly slapped in the face a few weeks in. Now you are back into your habits and routines you did last year. “WTF is wrong with me?” You beat yourself up over not eating broccoli 7 days a week or checking off your 100 task todo list.

New Year's goals and resolutions are kind of stupid. Actually, no. They are really just a waste of time. Why do we feel like we have to be better than who we actually are? Why do we have to make all these goals ONLY on New Year's day? It’s similar to starting exercise and healthy tell yourself “Monday, i’ll start my new routine.” As if Monday or the new year is some magical fucking day where you won’t eat 10 chocolate cupcakes in a row.

So what if you really do want to accomplish something? Or create goals for yourself?

How about we do something completely out of the ordinary and focus less on our goals, and more on what we already have.

When we focus on what we do have, and what we have accomplished. It will help us discover that we don’t need a special day to make big changes. That big huge changes happen over small daily adjustments or smaller daily tasks. At the time, deciding to eat broccoli instead of those cupcakes for lunch may not seem like that big of a deal. But the small decisions you make every day, will in the long run be a much bigger goal.

I’ve got a simple tip for you. Instead of writing down your goals like I want to be 150lbs by June. Or I want to make $10,000 a month. BE the person that IS 150lbs. Be the person that makes $10,000 a month. It’s literally that simple folks. We often let our minds get in our own way and we tell ourselves “I’ll never be able to lose weight.” “I only ever make $1,500 a month.” Just think about it, sit there and think what would someone that weighs 150lbs eat for lunch today? Pizza? Or a well balanced meal with a lot of vegetables and protein? What would someone that makes $10,000 a month be doing right now? Would they be sitting on the couch watching Netflix for 16 hours a day? Or would they be using that 16 hours to plan out their next idea for generating more income? It’s THAT simple. It doesn't take a  New Year or another Monday to be that person. You can be that person RIGHT NOW. All that matters is today. Right now. Add in a dash of belief in yourself and there you have it. A new you. The person you want to be. Immediate results.

Are you having trouble just doing it? Having trouble with self discipline? Can’t turn off that Netflix and head to the gym because you are telling yourself that you are tired, and you could do it tomorrow?Are you telling yourself you don’t have enough time to work 16 hours on the weekend on your new $10,000 project idea?  Fuck that. That’s an excuse. Everything is an excuse. Some of them are legit, but rarely are your excuses EVER a good one.

Here’s a great tip: Stop thinking about doing it, and just fucking do it already. Don’t think about how. Don’t think about your checklist. Just do the damn thang.

So put away those checklists, and resolution charts. Just practice every day that you wake up. Who do you imagine yourself being? Then, go out and be just that. Every minute of every day, be that person. Make those decisions that lead you down the right path. You don’t have to think about HOW LONG it will take you to get there. You only have to think about doing what that person you envision would be doing. It’s as simple as that.

Oh, and don’t forget to believe that you already have it. You already ARE the person you want to be. Focus on what you have already, and focus on what you can do right now.

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