Tools We Use To Run Our Business On The Road


In order to run our business smoothly while living in a van, we need to make sure we're using the best tools and software that will help us grow while we are busy traveling. 

I am only sharing the tools we currently use and love. 

Convertkit *

Email marketing

For all of our emails, we use Convertkit. While this email marketing has a bit of a higher price point..we love it because of how easy it is to set up forms with our different opt-ins, workshops, and guides. Convertkit helps us automate our emails.

Every time someone new comes across our website and signs up for one of our forms, they get put into an automated welcome email series. This is so people can get to know us better and learn more about how we can help them. The automation is great because it's helping build a relationship with our audience on autopilot. Definitely important when we are constantly on the road and we may not have internet.



One of the main goals for our website is to get people on our email list. Why? Because it's the best way to market your business. Direct emails to someone's inbox is a special permission. Being able to build a relationship through sources like email is important to growing our business. We decided that one of our opt-ins would be a quiz. People love finding out insights about themselves! Plus we can use it as an opportunity to provide more value based off their quiz results. Take our quiz here.



Teachery is the platform we are currently using to build our workshops. This makes it easy for us to set up payments, create login areas for our students, and is super simple to set up. 

Tailwind * (GET $15 WHEN SIGNING UP)

Pinterest scheduler

Tailwind is our #1 favorite software we use to grow our business. In fact, it's the main reason why we've ever seen any success on our website. We use tailwind to schedule our blog posts to all of our boards on Pinterest. We also schedule other related blog posts on there to keep our feed constantly updated. 

Hellobonsai *

send contracts & invoices


Hellobonsai is awesome because we can use it to send project proposals, contracts, and automated invoices to all of our clients. The contract feature is my favorite because it's so user friendly to use. Anyone could set up a contract within minutes. Plus, when you send it to a potential client, they can e-sign it. The best part is once they sign the contract, the invoices automatically send to them and send reminders when the payment is due. Saves a lot of headache when trying to communicate with our clients about payment.


Instagram scheduler

This is one of my favorite things to use for Instagram. You can schedule posts AND stories! What I do is spend one day a week writing captions and curating our feed. That way all of our Instagram posts are planned out and ready to go. It saves a lot of time to get it all done on one day.


website hosting & building

Squarespace is our favorite website hosting platform. One, because it's user friendly. Ain't nobody got time to mess around with coding or pay over $5000 for someone to develop your website. Two, because it automatically makes our website mobile friendly. 60% of our users are on mobile, so it's important to have it viewable on a phone.


digital products

We use Samcart to sell our digital products. While Squarespace does offer an e-commerce site that you can sell your products. We just love this software because it works better for us.

Adobe Creative Cloud

creative tools


This is what we use to design everything for our business, edit our videos, and our photos. We pay a monthly subscription and we get all of the apps they have. Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign..and more. Probably the best subscription we have.


email & cloud storage

Gsuite is what we use for our emails and our cloud storage. We store all of our files for our clients, spreadsheets for tracking income, and where we write all of the drafts for our blog posts.


project management

Asana is great because we can keep track of all of our projects in one place. Client projects, personal projects, and even projects with our business.


editing photos

VSCO is a phone app we use to edit our photos, but they also have awesome presets you can use in Lightroom. Presets are pretty much just filters you can use when editing photos to make them look a certain way.

Tubebuddy *

youtube strategy

Tubebuddy is our little secret! It's what we use to grow our Youtube channel. It helps you manage everything like tags, comments, good SEO for titles, and checklists for your video uploading process.



Epidemic Sounds is a royalty free music subscription service with a huge library of music you can use in your Youtube videos! We LOVE this and it's our #1 way to make our vlogs awesome.


* Some of the links we share we earn a small commission if you click and make a purchase.