The Best Gym Memberships for Van Dwellers


One of the first issues we ran into once we moved into the van was - how do we shower and how do we do our workouts?

A lot of people would just say to spend time outside, go hiking, running, etc. and jump in a lake. Which sounds nice in context, but when you are stuck in a city somewhere and you can't use an outdoor shower, and you don't want to spend money on a campsite...where do you go?

You don't want to go for a run or a hike because it'll make you sweaty, and therefor require a shower. Which you can't do.

So, that's where gym memberships come in handy.


For us van dwellers and travelers that don't have a shower in our van... gym memberships are the answer to everything.

They can get expensive and for someone living in a van, or frequently traveling you need an affordable option and the ability to work out at any location as many times as you want.

Thats why we put this list together for you! We tested out each gym and decided on our favorite.

Being able to wake up and spend a day on the lake, and then head to the gym at night to do a workout and shower is really good for keeping spirits up, because we know that sometimes living on the road can be less than ideal or convenient. But we never signed up for this because we knew it'd be easy.

PS: This post is not sponsored by any of these gyms, we are just providing useful information for you to help on deciding what gym works best for frequent travelers.

Planet Fitness

This is the gym everyone talks about, and that's because it's amazing. This is the one Cody and I chose as our gym because of how affordable it was, the ability to go to any gym in any location, and because we only have to pay for one person.  

That's because you are allowed to bring in any guest with you if you are a member. The catch is they have to be with you every time you go in, but that works for us because we usually are always together. We loved this place the most because its cheap, clean, and easy to travel to any location.

One thing we learned about the traveling part is once you sign up at a certain place, that one is your home gym. You can visit it as many times as you want per month.

For visiting other locations you can visit them up to 10 times..we are thinking this means per month but we have yet to figure it out. You can change your home gym any time, so we are sure there are some easy work arounds.

Also, if you get the $20 membership you have to be in a year long contract, but it only costs $58 to cancel.


ANNUAL FEE: $58.00

INITIATION FEE: $1 (special promo deal)

Snap Fitness

We liked snap fitness, because there are more locations on the west coast than planet fitness doesn't have as many locations in smaller cities. Snap fitness seems to be everywhere even in those small towns.

It really just depends on where you are. Snap fitness is nice, has a clean gym, but it is more expensive. The plus is you can go to any location whenever you want to.

We thought this would be a great option to do a yearly plan to save a little extra and cut down monthly costs..or if you are going to be on the west coast a lot where Planet Fitness does not have as many locations. We considered getting both because PF is so cheap, but we are trying to save $ and not add more expenses.

Month to month memberships cost $59.95; with a 6 month prepay option costing $299.75 and a full 12 month prepaid membership costing $599.50.

MONTHLY COST FOR TWO (family plan): $59.95


Anytime Fitness

We tried anytime fitness and its a great gym, but we didn't like how small some of the locations were.

It felt cramped, and they didn't have lockers or locker rooms in the one we visited. It might not be like that at all locations but the one we went to in Flagstaff, Arizona was. It was not too expensive to join and they have a ton of locations.

They have a one time access key fee which is $25. A cancelation Fee is Pro-Rated and depending on the time amount left in the contract & would not exceed $100. 




24 Hour Fitness

24 hour fitness is a great gym, but it's usually only located in bigger cities. If you are planning on getting one of these memberships your best bet is to get a year long package deal from Costco. We found a great deal on costco's website and it's $399.99 for a year long membership with access to all clubs. That's the best deal we've found. You can also just sign up and get access to all clubs. If you do a 12 month commitment with a contract you don't have to pay the initiation fee. It just depends on what you can afford and what your needs are.


INITATION FEE (12 M Commitment): $0.00

ANNUAL FEE: $49.99

It really just depends on what you are looking for, but from what we've tested so far, we enjoy planet fitness and the fact we didn't have to pay hundreds of dollars upfront to join the gym. Most of the gyms are franchised so I'm sure you'll get a different experience at each one. So far it works for us! Were able to shower and stay in great shape which is a good thing when you live in a van.