The #1 Reason Why You’re Broke And Can’t Find Clients.


If there’s one major lesson I’ve learned over the years of being my own boss, it’s the fact that I AM my own worst enemy.

The reason why I was broke, stressed, chasing after clients, and feeling like giving up wasn’t because of my shit circumstances. No..

It was because of me. My own self sabotaging gremlins deterring me from my own success. 

Listen, the truth hurts. (ahem, any Lizzo fans out there?)

You are broke because you decided that you would be broke. You took the actions (or should I say didn’t take the actions.) because you believed that you didn’t deserve the success. 

That one client that didn’t pay you on time or book your services? That made you feel unworthy. Unsuccessful. Let down. Not good enough. Not enough.

And you let that deter you from making moves or taking action towards a solution. You let that get you down for the entire day and curse the skies..

”WHY ME. WHY AM I NOT AS SUCCESSFUL AS THOSE OTHER FREELANCERS. Maybe I'm just not cut out for this. Maybe I suck.”

You believed that you were always going to be broke. You made the word “broke” part of your identity. You allowed those negative thoughts to take the reins and control your entire life.

And now here you are. Broke AF. Desperately searching for clients.

What is really keeping you broke & why you can’t find new clients..

So, what is it that is really keeping you broke and making it difficult for you to find clients?

  • The fact that your strategies aren’t up to par?

  • The fact that your website isn’t as good as Sally Jane The Awesome Designers website?

  • The fact that there’s so much competition?


What’s really keeping you broke and keeping the clients away is YOU.

Your own mindset & brain is trying to keep you in your comfort zone and sabotage you from any success. 

Every time you land a new client, get paid, or make money in your business you find yourself clinging. 

Clinging on to that client. 

Clinging on to the money. 

Your fear is taking over, the scarcity is coming back.

🚫 Every time you land a new client, you fear that there won't be any more clients after this. 🚫

You choose not to invest that extra cash you’ve made last month in something that will help your business and instead cling onto it in fear and worry you won't get another client to pay the bills next month.

So you start offering discounts, deals, sales, and freebies to try to gain more clients. To make sure you keep all of that sweet sweet cash flow from keeping on instead of drying up. You stash it away, save it, and avoid spending like the plague. 

You start budgeting and questioning your pricing. You start searching in facebook groups, up-work, and posting on social media about your services offered at a huge discount.

What’s the give?  You are taking action to make sure you get more clients and more surely you are doing something about it. You are focusing on the money because that seems to be the issue. 

You are making an enormous effort to not be broke!

And that’s the problem. Making an effort to not be broke is the thing that is keeping you there.

I know you must be thinking...well, WTF am I supposed to do? How do I stop being broke? How do I attract more clients, how do I make consistent income in my freelancing business?

The #1 key to attracting more clients and making a consistent income has less to do with strategy, posting on social media, having a website, and posting in facebook groups…

... and more to do with your own mental thoughts.

🔑 Your MINDSET is the golden magical KEY to everything. 🔑

Trust me, as soon as I started focusing on my own mind through journaling, manifesting, & changing my view on money, freelancing, & business. 

That is when everything changed. 

I went from broke freelancer living off top ramen & barely affording gas to travel in my van...

To a nomadic business owner that earns $10,000+ in one MONTH! 

And yes, I am very stoked about that after my long windy journey of figuring out how to make this freelancing freedom dream of mine work out.

Now, I know that it seems a little woo-woo to focus on your mind, manifesting, meditating, journaling and drawing tarot cards... 

maybe a little too woo-woo for you... 

So I’m going to break it down in a practical way for a practical person like yourself. Because trust me, at first I thought “thinking positively about money won't make it appear out of thin air”. Which seems to be what all this “manifesting” and “creating money” is all about.

But, that’s not what it’s about. 

It’s not about thinking happy thoughts and then waiting for them to happen.

It’s about challenging your own pre-conditioned perspective. It’s about questioning your reality. It’s about uncovering what reality you are creating for yourself with your OWN thoughts.

So, here are a few common mindset thoughts that might be keeping you broke & preventing new clients from coming in and how to make changes TODAY.

Mindset #1 - Money is hard & I need to work really hard in order to make more money.

Every time I was in that feast and famine cycle and bills were approaching the horizon, I started to think that it was time to hustle and work hard. 

In order to pay our bills and make more money, I needed to spend MORE time working. Because if I wasn’t working that meant I wouldn’t be making any money.

The perspective of believing that money is hard will prevent it from getting any easier. If you feel that you need to stress yourself out and work extremely hard just to pay your bills, then that’s how it’s going to be. 

Why? Because you believe it to be that way, and whatever you believe is 100% true. Because your brain does not know the difference between a thought that is true or not true.

Your brain is conditioned to think in a primal way. If something feels threatening, like the thought of not being able to pay your bills.. Your brain will automatically go into fight or flight mode to try and keep you safe. 

If you constantly tell your brain it’s really hard to earn money and that in order to have more you must stress yourself out and hustle.. Then you’ll close any door of opportunity for it to be easier. You’ll push clients away rather than attract them because you’ll work SO HARD to find them.

What if money were easy? 🤯

What if you believed that it was really easy to pay your bills and the money would come? What if you didn’t focus on finding clients and instead focused on how clients could find you? 

You would stop focusing on doing a bunch of hard working tasks and start thinking about ways that feel easier. You would take new actions that are in more alignment with clients finding you rather than trying to find them.

When I tell myself this, money always seems to appear in the most interesting way. For example, I recently wanted to travel to Europe for a friend's wedding. Plane tickets were expensive, hotels were expensive..and we didn’t know if we would be able to go. 

But instead of feeling like we had to work really hard and find a ton more clients to be able to afford the plane tickets, we decided that it would be easy and a client would come in no time. 

And money sometimes shows up in unexpected ways. 

It’s not always someone paying an invoice... In our example, our friends who were getting married offered to pay for our plane tickets in exchange for being their wedding videographers.

This felt so easy! Making money to travel didn’t have to be hard or challenging. We just had to change our mindset in order for new opportunities to open up.

Think about what you can actively do to make yourself OPEN to more clients and money.  Is it making updates to your website? Is it emailing a previous client and catching up? Is it sharing about a really fun project your working on?

How can money feel EASIER for you? 

  • What are you actively doing right now making it feel difficult? 

  • Are you not keeping track of where it’s coming from?

  • Are you spending without looking at your bank account?

  • Are you avoiding bills? 

Be honest with yourself about what you are doing to make it more difficult and know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Mindset #2 - I don’t need much to get by.  Money is for people who are greedy, rich, or privileged.

Another mistake to make is thinking you don’t need much. Which sure, maybe you don’t need a lot to get by..

But telling yourself you only need enough to get by is pretty much telling yourself that you enjoy being close to not surviving. Just enough to GET BY doesn’t give you the freedom to travel the world like you want to the freedom to invest in new skills, books, equipment to help your growth.. The freedom to donate or support other businesses or charities you believe in..

By telling yourself you don’t need much or that money is for people who are greedy etc. you are automatically sabotaging yourself from ever making more money.

This mindset will block you from finding more clients and will keep you broke or stuck at a set level of income that you feel you deserve or are worthy of.

If you believe money is for greedy people, then every time you raise your pricing or ask for your clients to pay you on time, you will feel greedy. Which will sabotage your success because you will have a difficult time asking for the money your time is valued at.

Mindset #3 - There’s a lot of competition and that’s the reason why I am broke & can’t find consistent clients.

Playing victim because of your circumstances is a mindset that will keep you broke and reflect clients away from your business.

Basically, believing that you aren’t able to find success, find clients, or find that dream job because of competition is blaming someone else for your financial problems. It’s also a big excuse for not taking responsibility for your actions.

If you’re blaming your clients for not paying their invoice on time… think about this. 

What have you done to prevent your clients from being able to pay you on time? 

  • Have you personally messaged them to tell them their invoice is due? 

  • Have you made it easy for them to pay you? 

  • Are you clear about when your invoices are due? 

  • Have you been late on your own bills? 

You attract the same circumstances that you put out into the world. If you are late on your own bills and paying your invoices..then it’s likely that the invoices you’ve sent out will also come in late.. 

Have you been late on responses or late on deadlines? That could be another reason invoices are not being paid on time. 

Treat your clients & your money the way you want clients and money to treat YOU.

By blaming other people & things for your circumstances you are fixating on scarcity. It can be tempting to focus on the negatives of a client not paying you, or a client not booking your services, or your inquiry inbox being empty.

Instead of focusing on your competition, pay attention to which things make your own style, personality and services valuable. Embrace what makes you unique. Treat your clients, money, and bills in the same respect that you’d expect to be treated.

Mindset #4 - I just booked a client, so now I must save it all just in case.

Money is a cycle. It’s like the ocean and it flows IN and OUT. It is not stagnant. 💫

Think of it this way, when a client pays you - you get money to pay your bills, buy software, etc. When you pay those bills, the person or company receiving that gets to pay theirs. 

It’s a cycle and for it to flow smoothly it must be viewed like a river or an ocean, not a stagnant pond.

Money is not something to stockpile in fear there won’t be enough for everyone to go around. Thinking this way is not good for your own mindset or your income streams.

If nothing goes out, then nothing will come in.

I’m not saying to go overboard and spend all of your money! It’s good to keep track of it and make sure you prioritize where it’s going. 

But, you can’t wait until you are rich to start doing nice things like giving gifts, supporting other business owners, donating, or investing in yourself. 

If you want to see any success you have to let the money flow in and out. And when it flows out, you need to trust that it’s coming back to you tenfold.

If you invest in your own personal growth, knowledge, skills, or development you’ll find that when you do it changes your perspective. 

You are giving yourself permission to grow & find solutions and trusting that the money you spend will come back to you based off the skills or knowledge you gain from experience. 

If you invest in others, you are allowing the flow of money to happen rather than blocking it by stockpiling it out of fear you’ll never have enough.

Because that’s the biggest issue. 

Fearing you’ll never have enough will only ever lead you to not ever having enough. Because you make decisions and choices from a place of lacking something, when in all reality you are perfect just where you are.

What you can do RIGHT now to get yourself out of this cycle & attract more clients to your business.

Take action based off of knowing what you DO want. Not what you don’t want.

If you focus on what you don’t want aka: not having enough money, not finding clients, not being able to pay the bills, not having that new iPad… then you will continuously take the wrong actions focusing on the problems you have.

Once you focus on what you DO want, your brain will magically open the doors of opportunity by finding solutions for you. 

Train your mind to find the solutions. 

Instead of “I can’t afford that”

change it to..

“how can I afford that?”

If you focus on the lack of clients you have, you’ll try to fill up your roster with anyone you can find which may lead to you feeling burnt out, or working with the wrong people that suck the life out of you... 

Instead of focusing on the lack of clients, start to shift your attention to how many clients you want, how many do you need to meet your monthly numbers? (you do know your monthly income goals right?) 

Then, once you have that start to focus on actionable steps you can take to get that amount of clients. Focus on what you can do to attract them. 

  • Maybe it’s time to repackage your services? 

  • Maybe it’s time to share on social media about your process.

  • Maybe you can write a blog post about something helpful that your clients would love and find really valuable.

Every time i’ve desperately needed clients and focused on lacking them and feared my bills not being paid. That’s when EXACTLY that would happen.

So now, instead of worrying, I trust that if I take the right actions like... share content consistently, give value, meet other people, and invest in my own skills..then it will come to me when I need it most. 

Once I decide to let go, trust, and persevere in a difficult time, that is when everything changes. 

An example:

One time, I had forgotten about a HUGE bill that was due. I checked my account and realized the bill was due in 5 days and I didn’t have the $2500 in my account to cover it.

Naturally, I freaked out. Considered calling my mom to help me pay it because I had no idea how it would happen. I started focusing on NOT having $2500. I started looking around to see what I could sell on craigslist. This thought process prevented me from seeing that there was a solution!

After the mini freak out I realized that I was in the same old thought patterns I was conditioned to think. My brain was going into primal fight or flight mode..

So after recognizing this, I started writing down how easy it was to make $2500, how at any moment within the next 5 days I could book a new client.

I started to change my thoughts, I deleted the text I was about to send my mom asking for help, and decided to just TRUST that in 5 days I would be able to have the money to pay for this bill. 

I started to write down everything I could do that would attract a new client, what projects I was currently working on that I could focus on instead, and gave myself some actionable things to do rather than worrying.

Low and behold, the next day, a potential client that wasn’t ready to work with us was READY that day. She also paid me $2500 IN FULL. 

Sure, this may have been a little woo woo of an experience or even a coincidence but this was just proof of how powerful our thoughts are.

Instead of wasting time worrying, it’s better to fully BELIEVE that it could change at any moment.

Anything is possible.

And once you focus on the fact that things can really turn around for you, that’s when things start to happen.

Manifesting isn’t just thinking of something and then it magically happens..

Manifesting is focusing on what you desire and taking action towards making those desires happen.

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The Number One Reason You Are Broke & Can't Find Clients