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10 Awesome Business Ideas for Van Life

We’re gonna start this blog off with a quick reality check. All of the adventure and traveling you see when you look at other van lifer’s Instagram feeds… it costs money. It isn’t free to live this lifestyle, and the people that are the most successful at it long-term are the people that have a steady stream of income to cover their costs and the unexpected things that will inevitably come up.

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6 Best Ways to Make Money While Traveling Full Time

We talk to a lot of van dwellers about how to make money while traveling full time. Everyone’s situation is different, but most people want to have a steady income while living on the road. While van life is less expensive than having a mortgage or rent payment (in most cities, anyway) you still need money for gas, insurance, parking, and the fun things you want to do. Plus, there’s routine expenses like your cell phone, food, and probably student loan payments. Even if you have a good amount of money saved up, you’re going to need more eventually.

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