Showering While Living In A Van With A Roadshower


*Sponsored by Road Shower, prior to this post we were given a Road Shower 2 in exchange for a review and some content. We would never ever share something we don’t personally use and love ourselves.**

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During the first few months of our life on the road, we were used to going a few days without a shower. Usually finding them at campsites we were staying at. After those few months we got tired of not being able to shower, which is probably one of the first questions we always get about living in a van with no bathroom.

So we looked into gyms and eventually settled on a Planet Fitness membership. It costs us $20 per month for the both of us, and we’ve used it in every single state we travel to. It’s a great solution and you get to exercise too! We’ve actually found that we are more likely to exercise, because we know we can shower afterwards. 

9 months into van life... we're cool with Planet Fitness..but what about all those times we go off the grid out in nature for days at a time?What about when you are in a place with no planet fitness anywhere in sight?

Ideally, we want to be out in nature all the time and sometimes not having a shower would make it so that we couldn’t stay there for too long without feeling uncomfortable.

That’s where the Road Shower comes in.

The Road Shower is a roof rack mounted solar shower that has pressurized hot water. It’s basically like adding a shower to your van without having to deal with plumbing, heating and all that complicated stuff. 

You can use it to shower, rinse off dirty outdoor gear, wash your dog…you name it. 

Road Shower was nice enough to send us our shower to give it a test run and we LOVE it. When we first got our Road Shower, we were a little worried about how we would attach it to the roof of our van because we didn’t have a roof rack, just our factory roof rails.

So we decided to see if we could make it work without a roof rack because:

1. We wanted to save money
2. We didn’t want to have to re arrange our solar panels by adding a roof rack.

We went to Ace Hardware and found two metal u shaped pieces and bolted them together, and then we bolted them to the roof rails. It was pretty simple to do actually, you can see more details in our video below.

Our solution worked out great for our van and we were so excited to give it a test run. We used it so much over the last 4 weeks, even our friends we camped with used it.

With one fill up we were able to shower 5 times. Granted they are quick showers, but it beats NOT showering ever.