Reveal + Tour of Our Apartment In The City


When we first decided to take a break from our van life adventures to live in an apartment, it was a difficult decision.

We were living a dream life of full time traveling, but after three years it wore down on us. Traveling can get exhausting and we were often searching for places to hunker down and get some work done.

We felt the need to finally rent a home to get the rest and relaxation we needed and to have a stable place to work. Our business has been busier than ever!

The one thing we were excited about getting an apartment was making it our own. We’ve made our tiny van work for us..but having more room was amazing after bumping into eachother every time we needed to use the kitchen or change clothes..We were especially excited to decorate and make this apartment our own.

As soon as our furniture arrived from Article, we were stoked. We lived in our apartment for a couple of months with nothing but an air mattress  - the reason for this being that we sold everything we owned 3 years ago before we moved into our van.

When you are starting from scratch it can be really difficult to get your whole entire apartment decorated because there are so many things that you feel that you need when you don’t really have anything at all. 

In this blog post, we’re going to share the reveal of our new space. This space will be temporary and we are unsure what we are going to do next...but we really wanted to make it feel like home. Especially because we often work at home - we needed it to be really comfortable, inspiring, and inviting!

I think the living room is my favorite room so far. Mostly because it’s pretty much done minus a few things I want to get here and there.

We still need a rug, but we are waiting until we find the perfect rug for our living room. We’ve already returned two rugs we’ve bought because they just didn’t feel right.

We got most of everything from Article - which is a mid-century modern style furniture company based in Canada. It’s high quality and I feel has some of the best furniture design i’ve seen!


If you saw in my previous blog post I talked about the furniture we chose for this space. We are going for a funky modern desert style...

We went with the Timber Charme Tan leather sofa which we absolutely love. It’s soft, buttery, comfortable..and stays cool in the summer.

We also love the fact that it is the same color as our dog. The dog hair doesn’t get all over the place which is great. We sometimes put a blanket down on the couch for him to sit on to protect it, but the sofa is meant to have a little character from the scuffs and scratches.


We also are digging the chair and ottoman combo! This has been great for when we invite friends over and we need a little extra space and seating for them. I do think it’s more of Zero’s seating area rather than ours because he sits on it more often than we do.


We also went with this media stand - it’s low profile, minimal and simple. Because of it’s beauty we decided to wall mount our T.V. which is one of the ugliest things to deal with.

To make it look nicer we decided to put some LED lights behind the TV. We also want to hide the wires that hang down from the T.V but for now it’s hidden behind our plant.

Our Coffee table that we ordered doesn’t have any storage space underneath it, which at first I was sad about- but then I realized I loved the simple marble coffee table. I didn’t need to fill it with a bunch of things I will never look at.

The media stand doubles as a space for my favorite books to display which made the coffee table not having a shelf underneath way better. I actually prefer how this looks over having a bunch of books underneath.


I think that even though this space is going to be temporary for us, the furniture we have will live with us for a lifetime. It’s beautiful and I see it being in all of my future homes. Which is something i’ve never felt with any previous furniture I’ve purchased.

Even if we decide to travel full time again, we will most likely just place our furniture in storage until we are ready to build our own home!

That’s about it for this post, but if you want to see more detail about all of our spaces in our apartment we have a video for you below. I go into each room of our apartment and give you a full tour of our building that we rent in Portland.