How To Use YouTube To Help Grow Your Nomadic Business


If you don't already know, our names are Lexi & Cody. We’ve been living and working out of our converted Sprinter van for the last two years, but long before that, we were freelancing and working remotely.

I guess we just never were going to be typical “work from the office” kind of people. Helping people create the career they’ve always wanted while traveling and living a nomadic lifestyle is one of our passions, and something we do more and more through our videos, blog, e-books and e-courses.

Let’s start at the beginning, though. After working remotely and finding our own work as freelancers for a while, we decided it was time to take our creative studio full time. In 2016, we bought our van and got to work converting it and turning it into a place we could live, work, and travel from.

That same year, we also started our YouTube channel. Our intentions were solely to show people our personalities to help build the know, like, and trust factor in our business. We never thought our channel would grow so quickly! People were excited about what we were doing from almost the very beginning… in fact, our fourth video has close to 1 million views. Crazy!

What’s even crazier is that we’ve been recognized by our subscribers while we’re out and about. It’s so awesome to meet people that love what we do and the content we create. As a creative, being recognized for the hard work you put into your craft is one of the biggest achievements there is. Having that happen was a huge milestone for us that we didn’t even plan for or think would happen.

We really believe that YouTube has helped us grow our business exponentially. I believe that it drastically made a difference when it came to creating brand recognition. It attracted more money and more clients to our business, and it helped us feel creatively inspired and it pushed us to create more.

When you can connect a brand to a face, you’re more likely to recognize that brand. We really wanted to showcase our personalities and let people see who we really are. This was important to us because when people are hiring us from all over the world, we don’t get to work with them in person. Creating videos about our lifestyle was the best way for people to see who we are, to get to know us on a deeper level, which also helps them trust us when it comes to the task of bringing their creative vision to life.

I want to share a few of our favorite tips today, both on how to use YouTube to grow your business, and advice for staying in your own lane so you can stay true to you.