The Best Hot Spring In Oregon


So, every year Cody always does something really nice for me for our anniversary. This year I wanted to do something different! I never have surprised him and he tends to be more romantic than me, so I decided to plan a mini getaway over spring break. 

I didn't tell him where we were going, but I did lie to him so I could keep it a surprise. We were on our way to California to spend time with family and I mentioned to him we had to be there by 12pm in order to make it to our eye exams. The hot springs and falls were about 4 hours away and I wanted to get there for sunrise so I mentioned to Cody we have to leave at 3:30AM. He believed it and we went on.

Fast forward 4 hours later I get off at the exit to get gas. When leaving the gas station instead of turning left to get back on the highway I turned right. It took Cody 30 minutes to realize we were going the wrong way. He got worried and started looking on the map. I then decided it was time to let him know we're going to Umpqua hot springs. He was instantly relieved that we didn't have to make it to my aunt and uncles house at 12pm. 

Once we made it to the hot springs we were so excited. The sun came out, there were no other people there. Just us enjoying this amazing hot springs! I had to bring champagne and mimosas because we were celebrating our 5 year anniversary. We had the best time ever and were smiling the whole time because of how wonderful the day turned out to be. 

Next, we headed down to Toketee falls where we decided to climb down this steep muddy rocky cliff to get a better view. We were feeling a little adventurous from the mimosas and decided to stand in front of the waterfall in our birthday suits. It was exhilarating and probably one of the best experiences I've ever had. Let me tell you...the chilling mist from the waterfall was extremely cold! Standing there for photos was definitely a struggle.

We had a blast with this photoshoot and it was definitely an anniversary celebration to remember. Also, if you haven't stood in front of a giant waterfall naked, I highly recommend it! I never felt more comfortable and full of life than I did in that exact moment.