Detour : Munra Point, Columbia Gorge, Oregon

A few weeks ago, Cody and I called our friend Andrew to go on a hike. We have a great project idea that we wanted to work on with him, so we thought what better way to discuss a project than on a treacherous hike.

This hike in Oregon called Munra Point has been all over our Instagram feeds lately and we thought it looked damn cool. The one thing though was we felt there would potentially be too many people there because of its exposure all over social media. We planned to wake up at 6 am to drive to the Columbia Gorge and start our adventure.  It was a great idea to head out early because we were definitely one of the first few people there at that hour. 


This hike is particularly difficult to find because it is unmarked, unmaintained, and not for people who are afraid of heights. Andrew luckily had been there already so he knew where to look. We eventually found the entrance to the hike and got the camera and GoPro out to start shooting. About .5 a mile in I was already breathing heavily. The path was literally vertical straight up the entire way. They were not kidding when they said unmaintained! There were rocks falling, branches and fallen trees on the path, and times where you felt like you were lost for a bit because the trail was missing. 

"This hike is particularly difficult to find because it is unmarked, unmaintained, and not for people who are afraid of heights."

I definitely need to start running again to get in shape because this hike kicked my butt! I'm sure it would have kicked anyone's butt though. It was very much worth it once we started getting closer to the top. The gorge started becoming visible through peeks through the trees, the sun started shining through and giving us some warmth.. We then reached the top, well....almost the top. Before you get there, there is a steep rocky cliff you have to climb up. Cody and I had been rock climbing for the last month and a half so we were pretty excited to climb up some rocks in the wild. It definitely was a challenging hike...but wow, holy shit the view at the top is beautiful. I teared up of course like I always do when I see a beautiful sight. Munra point is an exposed basalt knob with three spiny ridges that you can walk on. Although when you are walking on them you definitely get vertigo because there are sheer drops on each side. This hike is not for people afraid of heights that's for sure. Also, I definitely had to make sure I watched every single step I took to be safe. One wrong step, or trip and you would tumble down the side of the mountain. 

We chilled at the top for a while, chatting about project ideas, eating clementines, snap peas, and clif bars. Once more people started to come up we realized it was time to head back down because there definitely was a lot of groups coming up. This was around noon, so definitely the peak time for other hikers. 

Let's just say even though going up was very hard, coming down was even harder. Big rocks rolling down the hill. Climbing down sheer rocky cliffs, and slipping on loose gravel. My shins were killing me and I found myself on my ass a couple times. I highly reccommend this hike if you are more advanced in the hiking department. It was so much fun! I always enjoy a challenge.