Detour : Cape Perpetua, Yachats, Oregon

Cody and I were really wanting to pack up the car and head somewhere far away from home to refresh our minds and experiment with some new photography and video ideas we had. We looked up some cool places in Oregon and ended up stumbling upon Thor's Well. Sounds cool right? We love things that are epic, badass, and also have Thor involved in it.

We planned to leave early in the morning because it was a three-hour drive. The early morning was the best time to leave because when we arrived, the sun was out! This is a rare occurrence in Oregon especially in February. We went to the visitor center and chatted with someone that works there about where we can find Thor's Well. There are no signs that really lead you to the destination so you have to just stumble across it. He told us be careful because people have actually fallen in. Once we get down to the well we realize what he meant. The ocean is SO powerful. Never ever face your back to the ocean because it is unpredictable and can sweep you off of your feet in seconds. We were sure to be careful around the well and respecting the wildlife on the rocks. We spent a few hours in this place just enjoying how beautiful it was and the amazing weather we had. 

Once we were done photographing and taking video footage we went to another spot and that is when it started POURING. There is the end of our day. Luckily we got there so early that we were basically done with our trip. Next we really wanted some clam chowder so we drove a little ways down the highway to find some. What a perfect way to end our little beach day.