Van Life: Antelope Island, Salt Lake City, Utah


Recently after our latest project with Stanley, we decided to unwind and camp on Antelope Island State Park located in The Great Salt Lake. Antelope island is a refuge of rangelands floating on a desert sea. It is also one of the best places to access the Great Salt Lake! Immediately when we drove through the entrance to cross over the narrow two lane road to access the island, we were greeted by a very friendly park ranger and he said are you two camping? We said yes and it was $10 for the night and he assigned us a spot to camp. Definitely beats the price of a $200+ hotel room. 

We drove through the roadway, and right off the bat we saw a TON of wildlife, birds, bugs, and bison! We were greeted upon entering with a majestic bison standing in the sunset. We stopped the car and Cody jumped out to grab a shot. It definitely was an amazing way to first experience the island. 

We drove to our campsite, which was really easy to find. The campsite overlooked the lake and had a view of the sunset. It was more of a man made campsite, but we think its safer for the wildlife to have designated trash areas, firepits, and have it separated from other parts of the island. One thing we noticed about this place was the bugs, there are TONS of bugs. Which is most likely why there is so much wildlife around. Although, the bugs didn't bother us much, they were located near the water. Although we did run into a ginormous spider haunting our campsite for the night. 

We parked the van and decided we needed to run down to the water to watch the sunset. The sun was going down very fast, so we booked it because it was quite a walk. Once we got down to the water the most insane thing EVER happened. We were walking closer to the shore, and suddenly the ground started moving and making a "whoooosh" sound. We stopped dead in our tracks confused as hell, when we realized those were MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF TINY BUGS. Every step or movement you took towards the bugs they would fly away from you. This is probably one of the craziest experiences i've ever had! So, we started pretending we were jedi and using the force to make the bugs fly away. 

We ran back up to our campsite, listening to coyotes howl and ended the evening with some beers, hot dogs, and smores. A perfect way to end the day! We could see some stars, but Salt Lake City's lights were still pretty visible so not many were out.

We wished we could have spent some more time here because there is a ton to explore, Frary Peak is the islands highest point which you can hike to and its 6,596 Ft. The island is also HUGE. 15 miles long and 5 miles wide. Plenty of space to check out all of the amazing wildlife that live here. The next morning we drove around the island and there just so happened to be a bike race, so we had to wait a couple hours before we could leave. We decided to hang out by the bay, read a book and relax.

We recommend checking this place out! You can camp, swim in the water, take a kayak out, mountain bike along the trails, and snap some photos of bison, bighorn sheep, antelope, mule deer, and millions of birds. For more information on this place, camping, and how to get here head on over to this site.