A Roundup of Our Best Van Life Articles


We've lived in a van for more than a year now, so we thought we would gather up all of our most popular posts and compile them all here for you to check out. Hope you enjoy and we look forward to writing more helpful content for you!

Van Build & Conversion

How Much Does It Cost To Custom Build A Van

If you are wondering how much it cost us to build our sprinter van, this is a great post to check out. We collected all of our receipts and totaled everything up at the end!

Van Life Must Haves

We've lived in our van for almost a year and a half now, so we wanted to list some of our favorite van life must haves. We never knew we needed them until after we moved into our van!

How To Put Solar Power In A Sprinter Van

If you need help installing solar power in your sprinter van, we've got some step by step detailed instructions for you.

Van Conversion Part 1 : Framing & Insulation

This post shows a behind the scenes of how we did our framing and insulation in our van when we first started building it.

Van Conversion: Electrical and Solar Power Set Up

This post has images and photos on how we installed our solar panels on the roof of our sprinter van.

Van Living

10 Signs You're Meant To Live In A Van

This is a list of sure signs that you are destined for van life.

How We Make Money While Living In A Van

In this post we dive in deep and share all of our income sources while living on the road.

How To Afford And Sustain The Van Life Lifestyle

Tips and ideas on how to make van life work for you, and how to sustain living in a van for much longer periods of time.

What We've Learned From Our First Month Living In A Van

After living in our van for a month, we had a big list of lessons we learned in the early days of van life.


After a whole year, we really felt that we figured out van life, but there were a few lessons we wanted to share.


The not-so-glamourous realities of living in a van.

The Best Gym Memberships for Van Dwellers

If you are looking for a gym membership before you hit the road, check out this post with suggestions and price comparisons of each gym.