6 Signs You Were Destined To Be Your Own Boss

Working for yourself is so IN right now. Everywhere you look you see a new start up, or freelancer emerging from the corporate world. Even customers would rather buy things from local stores, restaurants, or coffee shops rather than the huge corporations. It truly is a great time to start your own business.

How do you know if you were destined to become your own boss?

It truly is much more difficult and less of a lavish sit-in-your pajamas all day lifestyle than people think. Sure not having to wake up at 7am every day to drive in an hour long commute to your office sounds nice..but it really is much more than that, and can even prove to be more difficult than you think. So, how do you know you are destined to work for yourself? Here are my top five signs from my experience of learning this on my own!


I knew the entrepreneurial route was for me because of how I would never stay at one place. I’ve had so many different types of jobs and none of them truly ignited my passion or excited me. I found myself becoming bored of places that I worked and did not enjoy working in corporate type environments. I took it as a sign that I really would succeed much better if I had control over what I was doing with my career rather than trying to make it in someone else’s.


Freelancers learning new things every day is ESSENTIAL for being successful. If you hate learning new things or are stuck in your own ways and like to do things in a certain way, then working for yourself may not be for you. You have to love learning new things, and get excited about the unknown! I love trying new things, lately that has been HAND LETTERING ON MY WACOM TABLET.


Not hungry for donuts, no. Hungry for more! Meaning you are always looking and striving for more work. To become better than you were yesterday. You are hungry for new adventures, new opportunities and you don’t let fear of failure get in the way of what you want. This is really a big sign you were destined to work for yourself. Starting your own business requires you to not be afraid of failure, and requires a lot of ambition and hard work to get everything running.


If I am not being challenged with my work, I get bored quickly. Maybe this is my ADD talking, but I need to be a little challenged with everything I do. This is great for someone who wants to work for themselves because running your own business is extremely challenging and you will face a lot of different things to figure out on your own. For me this is what excites me, not knowing how to do something and then taking action to make it come to life is my favorite part! If you love being challenged, then you are definitely destined to work for yourself!


When I was growing up I would re arrange/repaint my bedroom every 6 months. I LOVED making a change. I love moving, rearranging, changing my hair color to purple..anything! Sometimes changes are a little more difficult to endure, but overall I love the idea of everything constantly changing. This is great for someone wanting to run their own show because businesses are constantly changing and figuring out ways to keep up with the fast paced world.


When I was working at a design job for the marketing department at a fitness center, I found myself becoming very uninterested in the projects I was working on..I would get new projects and not feel excited about any of them which showed a lot in the work that was coming from that. I found myself preferring to work harder on my freelance side projects and the easy uninteresting work I was getting at my design job just gave me the ultimate sign that I was ready to cut the cord and try it all on my own.