A behind the scenes series on how I rebrand & redesign our website.

starting in July, I’m going to take you on a journey of rebranding & redesigning our current website.


    I am doing this to prepare to attract more dream clients to our creative agency, to make space for the education area of our business, redefine our current target audience, & be more clear about what we offer.

    Each week I am going to send an email to your inbox that will include a behind the scenes look of how I’m building it, what i’m learning, what i’m struggling with, and any aha moments that happen along the way. I’ll also be Including tips & action steps for what you can do with your own website & brand.

    Here’s what i’ll cover each week:

    • Week 1: Website & Brand audit - what’s working and what’s not.

    • Week 2: Vision & Planning - creating a vision + planning the layout and pages.

    • Week 3: Content & Copy - content strategy + writing new copy to align with the new direction.

    • Week 4: Build & Launch Planning - watch me build the website & plan out a launch.

    • Week 5: The Big Reveal - I’ll take you through a tour of the final website.

    I always love seeing how other people run their business behind the scenes! Which is why I am peeling back the curtains of my own process! To help you learn something new & improve your own website/brand.

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