Welcome to our world.

We’re Lexi & Cody - a powerful dynamic duo with creativity fueled by our adventures.

We weren’t meant to buy a house in the suburbs, get married, have kids, work 40 hours a week in a dimly lit cubicle and then wait until we retire to have fun.

Our purpose and mission in life is to create and transform outdated structures of home, life, work & career. We’re here to inspire you to question your reality and challenge you to think differently.


It all started when...

In 2014 during college, we sat in our living room and decided that we wanted to design our own life and create our own means of income. We were done working at jobs we didn’t like, done following someone else’s rules, and we questioned this blueprint that someone else had given us and told us to follow.

We dove in head first and started our first business together - State of Mind Studio, which has since then evolved into a more suited name: Dynamo Ultima.

In 2016 we took our business on the road in our DIY converted sprinter van, and we’ve grown into a successful digital agency that moves with us wherever we land next.

Our vision was simple: Create an online business that gives us the freedom to live our lives the way we wanted to. Which was to travel, challenge the idea of what “home” meant, change the way people view money & career, & live our brightest best most creative lives.


Fast forward to today, we’ve now built a sustainable creative business that gives us the freedom to travel full time & design a lifestyle we love.

We help small business owners bring their vision to life through our creative digital agency and we also mentor and teach freelancers how to successfully launch their own online business that gives them the freedom to fuel their adventures.

We’re ready to help you be magnetic, make your mark, and fuel your adventures.


So, what is Dynamo Ultima?


Dynamo [ dahy-nuh-moh ] : A powerful force.

Ultima [ uhl-tuh-muh ] : The very best of it’s kind. 

We came up with Dynamo Ultima on one of our road trips and we loved the power behind the name.

We also have a deep love for Star Wars, and for all you Star Wars fans out there, we use the force to create epic results and magic for our clients & customers.


This entrepreneurial journey has been full of ups and downs

 Take a look at our trail:

 Our values:

Create your own path.

Let’s create our own path instead of following the one that society has led us to believe is the only way. We can do it differently and find success on our own terms.

Freedom to explore.

Life is too short to live a mediocre life. We should have the freedom to grow, explore, experience and try new things during our one and only lifetime. Exploring and adventure is our birthright.

Dive in.

If you want something, decide to be it. Decide to do it. Make the leap and don’t let fear hold the reins to your life. Make it happen, don’t hesitate, dive in head first.

Inner metrics.

What matters most in life is how we feel about ourselves. We don’t need validation from everyone else. The only validation that matters is our self validation. The inner metrics matter more than the outer ones.


The little details matter:

Us in a nutshell:



Meet Lexi - The CEO + founder.


Lexi started her freelancing career early on in life as a photographer but wanted to utilize her talents in communication. Graphic design allowed her to communicate ideas visually & create effective strategies for her clients. Discovering a deep passion to help others and guide them Lexi has evolved from a designer to a mentor & guide for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Lexi calls the Pacific Northwest home. She has her degree in graphic design from one of the top design programs in the nation via Portland State University, and is a proudly a certified Master Success Coach, Master NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Hypnotherapy Practitioner.


Meet Cody - The co-founder + director of digital media.


Cody is the creative master in all things video, animation, & illustration. He is passionate about creating meaning behind his work and puts his masterful touch on everything he creates.

Cody was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He has his degree in Film & Graphic design from one of the top design programs in the nation via Portland State University. Cody served in the Army and received a purple heart for his service.


Our mission is to show others they can work wherever + create a life & biz that fuels their adventures + create a magnetic brand that makes an impact on others.


Come along for the ride.

Whether you want to DIY your business, revamp your brands entire vibe, create a brand and website for your new idea, or learn how to start an online business.. we’ve got you covered.

Below you’ll find two paths. If you are a freelancer or wanna-be-lancer -we’ll help you on your entrepreneurial journey. If you are a small business owner that’s tired of DIY-ing everything, hand us the keys. Choose the path that fits you best - or hey, choose both. There’s no right answer here ;)