Get paid to create content for brands you love.

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Hey there online business owners & CONTENT CREATORS!

Have you ever dreamt about:

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A brand you love sending you on a fun adventure to create content?


Being sponsored to create your Youtube videos & Instagram posts?

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Receiving free products you love to review & share with your audience?


You’re dreaming of being paid to work with brands, but you just don’t have the guts to approach them, let alone pitch your ideas.


Over the last 6 years of pitching, working with brands, facing rejection, and landing paid brand partnerships…

I’m finally spilling the beans on how you can feel confident enough to approach brands for sponsorships & collaborations.

With pitching & landing brand deals we’ve been able to:

  • Go on all paid adventure trips to create photo & video content for brands we love.

  • Get sponsored to create Youtube videos

  • Receive free products we LOVE

  • Meet amazing new people & create brand recognition.

  • AND best of all, diversify our income in our online business!


Introducing: Land Those Brand Deals

Learn how to Diversify your income by working with brands you love.


A self-paced online workshop with instant access.



Here’s what you’ll learn.

We’re sharing all of the lessons we’ve learned. Including:

  • What to do before you pitch

  • How to get your favorite brands attention

  • The do’s & don’t of pitching

  • Should you work for free?

  • Why follower #’s don’t matter

  • What to include in your media kit

  • The secret to pricing

  • Behind the scenes of successful pitches we’ve made

  • How to create sponsored content your audience will love


 You’ll also get these too!


Email swipe files - see our behind the scenes of a successful pitch & our own media kit.


Audio files for every lesson so you can learn on-the-go & take the workshop with you.


Transcripts & downloadable slide decks so you can learn in the way that works best for you.


Lifetime access to 9 video lessons which is over 1 hour of video content.


Clickable and fillable worksheets that you can fill out digitally & save paper.


Access to me via email - get 1:1 help and ask me any questions about the workshop & pitching.

Binge watch when you want, wherever you want.

  • Instant access to all content

  • Watch from anywhere

Learn in the way that works best for you.


  • Video transcriptions if you prefer to read

  • Listen to all videos podcast style if you’re on-the-go


“I Just heard back from The brand I sent my pitch to! they want to work with us and they’ve accepted our proposal! It would have taken me a lot more time to get the guts to approach a brand if I didn’t have your help!”

Vanessa Hickey - @vanessaandadam

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Hi, I’m Lexi

Back in 2013 I was working as an intern at Keen Footwear - I dreamt of one day being paid to go on adventures. Fast forward to today in 2019, I now am able to land paid brand collaborations, get paid to go on fun adventures, and create content with my partner.

Which is an amazing extra income source for our online business that gives us freedom to travel & work from wherever.

Which is why I am passionate about sharing everything i’ve learned along the way with you! I know it can feel scary to approach brands, let alone ask them to pay you.

I want to help give you confidence to send that pitch & reach out to the brands you love.

Are you ready to make that dream of yours come true?


Plus, you'll get a FREE BONUS!

If you sign up for this workshop within the next 30 minutes, you’ll get my Done For You Media Kit Template.


As a content creator, the number one thing you need in order to land brand deals is to create a professional media kit that your potential clients can review quickly. Look like a pro with a beautiful template that captures their attention.

Instead of awkward back-and-forth responses, let your media kit do the talking in a clear and professional way. Communicate everything that your potential brand partnerships need to know right off the bat.

An easy to edit template created for Canva & Adobe InDesign.


  • Save time & money with a professionally designed template proven to work.

  • No need to hire a designer.

  • Fully customizable to match your current brand.

  • Get your media kit up and running in just a couple of hours.

  • all fonts are copyright-free and included with the free version of Canva


 This is for you if:

You’re a blogger, youtuber, instagrammer or online business owner.

You are unsure of what to say to a brand when they ask you for your rates

You need help + guidance on getting started when it comes to working with brands

You need some insight+ advice from someone who’s done it successfully.

You aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to pitching + landing brand deals


F.A.Q + Delivery

What happens after I purchase?

After you purchase the workshop, you’ll receive an email confirmation along with a link to login with your username and password. Once you login to the workshop dashboard, you’ll see the lessons & have access to everything right away.


Due to the digital nature of this workshop, we do not offer refunds. Please be sure before making any purchases.


Send us an email to

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