How It's Being Sold


The Ultimate Freelancer Freedom Bundle started at just $5 and it increases in price by $1 after every purchase.

This is called a “bumpsale” which is a fun way to buy something!

This sale rewards you for taking action as soon as you’re ready to buy. The longer you wait, the more the price will increase.

This is the ultimate freelancer freedom bundle for anyone looking to start & grow an online freelancing business that gives you FREEDOM.

In these products you’ll find all of the tools you’ll need to live a nomadic lifestyle & create a sustainable online business that fuels your adventures.

This bundle includes ALL new products! Includes over $1200 worth of stuff:

  • The Work From Wherever Starter Kit 2.0 (valued at $97)

  • Video Intro Animation workshop (valued at $47)

  • Land Those Brand Deals workshop (valued at $87)

  • Passive Income Product workshop (valued at $197)

  • Media kit, Pricing guide, E-book & Pinterest templates $114

  • Dynamo Ultima Super Secret Fun Sack (valued at $45)

  • Squarespace Sales Page template (valued at $199)

  • Squarespace Website template (valued at $199)

  • Craft Your Brand Kit (valued at $299)

So even if you’re not first to grab the kit, you’re still getting a great deal.

As soon as you click the buy button your price will be locked in for 180 Seconds. If you don’t purchase within the timeframe the price will likely increase. Once you purchase you will get an email with a special link to access & download your bundle.


This will only be available now til - November

What's Inside This Bundle?

The Work From Wherever Starter Kit 2.0

(valued at $97)

This online toolkit and course will teach you the exact steps you need to take to start your online freelancing business! This is an ALL NEW product with new worksheets, content, & more!


Video Intro Animation Workshop

(valued at $47)

If you’re unsure what business idea you’d like to pursue, this recorded live workshop is going to help you figure it out & give you actionable tips to making those very first steps.


Land Those Brand Deals Workshop

(valued at $87)

This is a robust online course dedicated to helping you launch your business idea. There are 10 recorded video lessons all about creating your business brand, making a marketing strategy, figuring out how you’ll make an income, find clients, & more! Each lesson is accompanied by a worksheet or workbook to guide you every step of the way.


Passive Income Product Workshop

(valued at $187)

An 80+ page van manual that includes all of the dimensions, specs, and details of our most recent van conversion. If you’re thinking about building a van of your own and you want to copy our conversion, this is the perfect guide for you!


Template Bundle

(valued at $119)

A digital planner to help you plan your van life journey! This includes over 30 pages of checklists, timelines, calendars, van layout planners, & more!


Dynamo Ultima Super Secret Fun Sack

(valued at $45)

A fun lil’ secret surprise gift we’ll be shipping right to your door. We wont tell you what’s inside, it’s a surprise!!


Squarespace Sales Page Template

(valued at $199)

A comprehensive Squarespace Sales Page template for you to sell your services or digital products. Includes a step by step guide on how to create your sales page. Including mock ups, graphics, copy writing tools, & a step by step sales guide.


Squarespace Website Template

(valued at $199)

A comprehensive Squarespace Website design template. Get your website up and running ASAP so you can get back to doing what you do best. Includes a detailed step by step install video + a website strategy guide.


Craft Your Brand Kit

(valued at $299)

The ALL NEW VERY FIRST EVER brand kit from Dynamo Ultima. This is the first time we are releasing something like this. This is a DIY brand kit that’s completely customizable in all file formats. Brand Kits are a comprehensive set of completely customizable templates and assets to help you get your brand identity done, like, yesterday.


 What our previous students & customers have to say:


“I bought the Work from Wherever Starter Kit and I can't believe I put them off because they're SO BLOODY HELPFUL. Thank you for creating them. I'm looking to leave my job in the next 3 months and have an okay amount of freelance stuff coming in, but this just focused my brain so much and gave me the courage to go for it, and I'm only on the third chapter.”

-Leena Normington


Your Online Biz Idea workshop was a real pick-me-up! It really helped me put things into perspective and bring my dreams closer to reality. Thank you!

-Evan Bergen


“I am just starting out in my career and I was feeling a bit intimidated because I can hardly find any article or website that gives me the insider perspective on the nuts and bolts of making money online to fulfill a nomadic lifestyle. 

Dynamo Ultima’s online course gave me everything I need to take the first step, and references/guides to look back to when i’m feeling unsure. It also gave me the motivation, inspiration and helped believe in myself even more!

I would recommend this to anyone who is just starting out online!”



Lexi created an authentic how-to for millennials looking to break free from the cubical and make it on their own. She's no-nonsense and doesn't sugar coat it. She's practical, offers actionable advice, and doesn't want you to lose momentum. She's your next super knowledgeable digital nomad BFF.


I've been interested in living the life of a digital nomad for a while, but had no idea where to begin or how to put my skills to use. The Work From Wherever Starter Kit was exactly what I needed to help get my thoughts and plans together to finally make this a reality. There's so much useful information here that is both honest and insightful. It paints a clear picture about what to expect and what steps to take to make whatever path you choose more successful.



Bumpsale ends April 5th @ 11:59PM