Brand + Identity Design

 Whether you're looking to upgrade your visuals, revamp your brand's entire vibe, or boost your strategic efforts—we've got you covered.


6-8 week timeline.

Let’s bring your vision to life! Throughout the years and experience of crafting compelling brands for our clients, we’ve discovered that we achieve the best results when we design your brand identity from the ground up. This strategy based approach for your brand will provide you with everything you need to feel confident, connect with the right people, and stand out among the masses.

Once we’ve built a strong strategic foundation for your brand, we can then create magic for your business through unique collateral like websites, promotional videos, animations, marketing campaigns, and more.


Our Capabilities:

We are a full service creative studio. What does that mean? That we’re your one stop shop for creating an impactful brand identity AND anything else you may need to strengthen your small business.












Previous Client Work

Our step-by-step branding process.

Step 01.

Virtual Coffee Date.

Before we work together we want to make sure we understand you and your business to see if we are the right fit. You’ll first send us an inquiry and give us more details about your project. Next, we’ll follow up with you to schedule a virtual coffee date where we’ll discuss your ideas and go over our timeline.


Step 02.

Sign the contract & pay the 50% deposit.

After we chat, we’ll send you a detailed timeline of your project. Once you approve, we’ll send over a contract for you to sign along with the 50% deposit to book your spot in our calendar.


STEP 03.

Complete the client homework.

Before we begin, you’ll need to complete your client homework which includes filling out a brand questionnaire and creating a vision board on Pinterest.



Brand strategy session.

We’ll schedule a call to discuss your homework & create a game plan. Using our notes from this phone call, your brand workbook, and your brand vision board, we’ll then create a detailed brand strategy guide. This will be our roadmap for your entire brand identity moving forward.


STEP 05.

The logo presentation.

You’ll hang back while we transform your brand strategy into one cohesive brand identity system—a strategically stunning set of brand visuals and collateral.

We then put together a presentation that features the best solution for your business. We make sure that your customer is the hero of the story here.


STEP 06.

Logo refinements .

Next, we’ll offer two rounds of logo refinements. This is a collaborative process, so once you've had time to go over your new brand, we'll work together to identify any necessary refinements and fine-tune your new identity so it's a perfect fit for your brand and business goals.

step-6 (1).gif

STEP 07.

Building the collateral.

Once we’ve made the final touches on your brand identity, we’ll then work on developing your brand collateral depending your business needs.

After working with us, the majority of our clients work with us to help expand on their branding for a truly custom experience. If you’re not quite ready for extra collateral you can always reach out to us for à la carte services.


STEP 08.

Launch your new brand.

Once we’ve completed all of the collateral, we’ll then package up all of your files into an organized google drive folder. From there we’ll create sharable graphics to help you launch your new beautiful brand identity with a bang.


STEP 09.

Time to celebrate.

We’ve finally reached the end and your brand identity is complete. It’s time to pop the fizzy, pat yourself on the back, and marvel in your beautiful branding.


 Ready to take the first step?