Summer Branding Package Special

Are you a small business owner in the market for a complete brand overhaul?

then you've come to the right place.

We are currently offering our branding package at a discounted rate for August!

Our branding package normally runs for $2500.00 but we are offering it for a limited time for: 



This 6 week partnership will give you the tools you need to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. We'll equip you with a completely custom logo, brand design, and the marketing collateral you need to build trust with your customers and clients. 

We believe in crafting your logo and brand by laying a solid foundation. We'll team up with you to create a brand strategy for your business so that your brand identity supports your values, mission, and business goals. 

Once we've developed a solid foundation we'll bring your brand to life through many different ways that make sense for your business and will help propel you forward. 


Our Process.


During this step we'll send you a detailed questionnaire that will help us get to know your business and vision. We'll go over your story, target audience, business goals, and inspiration. This phase enables us to create a brand that feels like YOU and helps you stand out from the competition. We'll hop on the phone and discuss your answers in more detail to help answer any extra questions you may have and share the excitement for what's next!


We'll go over all of our notes and research and begin developing a brand strategy. This will help us create a guideline to follow to ensure that your brand feels unique and timeless. After your approval of the brand strategy we'll send over two style options for your brand direction. This will cover target audience, tone, goals, color palette, and creative direction.  One round of revision is included.


With the detailed brand strategy and the style guide, we'll spend the majority of our time creating design solutions that will work wonders for your business. We are a one-concept brand design team, which means we'll present to you one really awesome solution for your business vision and goals. The presentation will be sent via PDF through email and we'll hop on the phone again to discuss each decision that was made along the way. 


After we've presented the design solution, you'll provide feedback for us regarding what you love and if there is anything that may need adjusting. 

One round of refinement is included. Any additional rounds will be billed at $100 an hour.

5. Marketing collateral

After we've got your branding complete, we'll then start working on the marketing collateral of your choice. You'll get to choose two different pieces to supplement with your brand.
This may include: business cards, notecards, postcards, menus, stickers, t-shirts, social media templates, 1 page PDF, or blog graphic templates.

One round of refinement is included. Additional rounds will be billed at $100/hour.


With your awesome new brand approved, and the final invoice paid. We'll deliver all of your final files and brand guidelines via google drive. Delivery will include a brand strategy pdf, brand guidelines pdf, print ready files, and web resolution files.

What our clients are saying:

Jacob & Jessica - Owners of Chillbachi Ice Grill

SERVICE | Branding Package - Brand Direction, Name development, Brand Design

"We decided to work with Dynamo Ultima on the branding for our new business because we felt like their lifestyle of traveling would help us connect to the many different audiences we were trying to reach.  At first it was taking a leap of faith. Even though we could not know what was going to come, we were super excited that, at the end of it, we would have what we wanted. 

We were really impressed by the professional nature of all our interactions. Meetings were scheduled, invoices were sent, confirmations were sent. Also, the way we used our time was efficient.

The best thing about working with Dynamo Ultima was getting the best possible end result we could ever imagine. A fantastic name, direction, logo, and brand package. I wouldn’t change a thing about our work together and we think that anyone that needs these valuable services would greatly benefit from their time working with Lexi & Cody."


SERVICES | Branding Package

"What made the process of working together so wonderful is that the whole time it was a conversation—nothing clinical or calculated. I was really excited to get some visual branding that looked professional and could help enhance my message. They presented me with several logo concepts and we talked through each one to figure out what I liked/didn't like about each one so that we could find a final logo that felt best to me. The entire process felt so wonderfully collaborative! I love my branding and feel confident knowing if I have any questions or want to make a slight adjustment later on, State of Mind will have my back."


SERVICES | Brand Identity, Brand Photography, Brand Video, 

"I worked with State of Mind because we needed help with our brand and marketing materials. They helped us with video, marketing brochures, and a new branding & logo. I was really impressed by the creative talents of Lexi & Cody; they gave us a much needed refresh. They are easy to work with and they focus all of their time, attention, and skills on any task you give them. They did an outstanding job and we are very happy with the results. I’d highly recommend them."