Van Life Ultimate Resource Guide


You’re dreaming of selling all of your belongings, quitting your job, and opting for a minimal lifestyle full of adventure and unknown.

You constantly check out popular van life accounts on instagram and envision yourself sipping a hot cup of coffee while you watch the sunrise out the back of your perfectly cozy, converted van. This life you dream of feels free, relaxed, and allows you to participate in all of your favorite outdoor activities.

The only issue? You have absolutely no idea where to begin. You’re overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. Maybe you already have purchased your van but you feel stuck with your conversion on making the right decisions with your build, or what products you purchase.

We get it, we’ve been there.

Making that big jump into this new lifestyle is not easy. I remember when we were building our van we were constantly on google searching how to do something. We did our entire conversion ourselves with no experience in plumbing, electric, solar, or even carpentry. It was difficult and we took a lot longer than anticipated to build everything.

When we first adopted the idea of van life we had no idea how to start and there weren’t too many guides or helpful resources out there that we really felt answered all of our initial questions. So, we wanted to create something that we wished we had when we started.

What is the Van Life Ultimate Resource Guide?

This guide is full of tips, advice, articles, people to follow, and product suggestions. Everything you need to get you started. We want to help give you ideas and the momentum to start creating the life you dream of.


What you’ll find inside

  • Our Van Life Story & How We Got Started
  • Prepping For Van Life - Is It Right For you
  • Van Life Community - Who To Follow
  • Where Do I Park and Sleep?
  • Bathrooms & Showering
  • 10 Top Places To Visit For Van Dwellers
  • How To Make Money on The Road

So, what are you waiting for? 

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