Why State Of Mind? Why did we choose that as our business name? What the hell does that have to do with us and the type of work we create? Everything. Everything from when we were born up until this point in time. This is our brand, and creating a brand is more than just making something look pretty. A brand is something that represents who you are as a person, it requires discovering you, why you are here, what you were before, and where you've come from. That is why branding yourself or your business is so god damn hard. It's like trying to write a 140 character bio about yourself.

It takes a lot of exploration, questioning, thinking, and talking with others. A lot of fails. A lot of trying and trying over and over again. We are never really all figured out. No one ever is, I can tell you that. We are all trying to figure it out as we go, even the most experienced individuals who seem like they have it all together. Not a single person has the answers to everything, and we are just going with the ebbs and flows in life.

You know what's even harder than figuring out a brand for yourself? Figuring out a brand for two people, or a larger scale company! Our brand is who we are apart and when we together as a couple, as creatives who mesh our minds and ideas to create something bigger and better than something we could ever do solely by ourselves. And that is what brings me here to talk about this today. We don't have it all figured out. I knew State of Mind represented our brand back in 2013 when I created it, but I never could quite put words to it. It was this feeling we had about who we were, it was an aura that surrounded us whenever we were creative together, outdoors, or experiencing the world head on. It was this burst of excitement, elation, and happiness that we had when coming up with ideas, running around outside using long exposure and flashlights, and seeing magical places all over the US from our constant road trips.

Here is what I've figured out about our brand.

In life, a lot of things are completely out of our control. We try and control everything in our lives! We blame circumstances and other people for our unhappiness, unsuccessfulness, or misfortunes. We search and search all over for the answers. We try and discover the meaning of life, why we like certain things, why we are attracted to different people. Why we are depressed, anxious, or unhappy. It always leaves us clueless and lost. feeling like we are out of control. We read books, talk to therapists, and friends about our problems.

It all comes down to one thing. You cannot control others actions, you cannot control circumstances, you cannot control the way you grew up, you can't change who you were in high school. The only thing you have complete control over is your own state of mind. You have the power to change the way you think at any instance. It's taken me years, heck even a whole lifetime to figure that out. What the hell does that have to do with our brand? Well, a lot of the time we get lost in the midst of it all, we are not present in the moment, we are constantly thinking about our future, our past, our worries, or checked out watching TV or playing candy crush, scrolling on Instagram wishing we could be like that super internet famous person with perfect everything. We wish we could be a certain way, we wish we could be somewhere else. 

That is where adventure, the outdoors, nature, and experiences come into play within our brand. The outdoors always brings me back to where I belong. I find myself always refreshed, happy, and in a positive state when I spend time in nature. It takes us away from those distractions that crowd our mind from being present and appreciating this exact moment. We forget about the world around us and fly through life and wonder where it all went. But, once we are in the face of the grand canyon for the first time experiencing all its glory, above the clouds on a mountain top, breathing in the crisp fresh air while hiking through a forest, and standing in front of a waterfall in 50 degree weather butt ass naked. That is when we reconnect with ourselves. That's the feeling Cody and I crave. We crave it because our society has taken us away from it. We crave the simplicity that life has to offer, the connection to the world around us. Neil Degrasse Tyson once said on Cosmos. "We are all made of star stuff" We are all connected in some way with the world around us, all of the elements of the earth. Technology is a great thing, but we have to disconnect from it and remember that everything that happens to you is a state of mind that you have control of. Being outdoors helps us remember that everything is how you perceive it to be.

State Of Mind represents the way we perceive the world. State Of Mind is finding the connection you have with yourself by placing yourself somewhere to remind you of where you came from, what it important to you, what you believe in, and that you alone have the power to change your thoughts. Happiness is a state of mind, sadness is a state of mind, success is a state of mind, being rich is a state of mind. 

It's all temporary. Each state of mind that you experience. Being present in the moment and knowing that you have all this power to change your thoughts no matter the circumstance makes living life so damn exciting. It's unexpected, full of mysteries, and you are there to experience it in each present moment in whichever way you choose to. 

Now, for the upside down tree. What does that have to do with our brand? It's upside down because it represents that life is how you perceive it. And of course, a tree because nature brings us that feeling of being connected with ourselves again. It brings us back to the present moment, of appreciating every aspect of your life. 

Honestly, I don't know what inclined me to go into that much depth within our own brand. I think it just came over me, it finally clicked in my mind and I felt that I could put it all into words.

The point of this all is to remind you of these 5 things:

  1. Live in the present moment, and if you are struggling with getting there. Get outside and drive far, far away from civilization. Turn off your devices and just focus on your 5 senses. What do you feel, hear, see, smell, and touch?
  2. Branding is hard and it takes a long time to figure out your story.
  3. Branding is everything that you are as a whole. Everything that made you the person you are today.
  4. You have the power to control your thoughts. Think of 3 positive things if you start to feel negative. You will notice that just the mere act of thinking about things that make you happy, will actually make you feel happy.
  5. Nature is fucking awesome. Get outside and experience that shit. It's where you came from! It's what you are made of.