Studio Updates - We're Back!

We haven't been here since MAY. Thats quite a long time, but so much has happened since then. Here is a short list of what we have been up to:

  • We moved out of our apartment in downtown Portland and into our Mercedes Sprinter Van.
  • We graduated from college
  • We moved to stay with family in Paradise, CA to work on our van build for the summer
  • We vacationed in Las Vegas and Breckenridge, Colorado
  • We had an amazing opportunity to work with Stay Wild Magazine in Klamath Falls, Oregon
  • We finished the insulation and solar install on our van.


We're pretty exhausted from all the activities that have been going on in our lives lately, but so grateful! Now, we are back in Paradise troubleshooting different areas of our van build. We have to redo our insulation vapor barrier because the duct tape we used definitely didn't hold up to the 100+ degree weather in California. Our new plan is to take down the vapor barrier and install a wooden framing, and then we will re-attach the vapor barrier to the framing to make it a little more secure.

We also ran into a hiccup with the solar panel install..our panels are very large and overhang on the sides a bit, which makes it an issue for when we install an awning. Solar panels cannot have any sort of shadow covering them in order for it to work, so the awning would definitely get in the way. So, we had to pause and figure out how to get around this... Then we decided to just install them on the roof rails with bolts, and eventually when we can buy a roof rack with the awning attached we will just redo our solar panels and attach them to the roof rack. For now..we will just go with what we have to make it work. 

We will be posting a detailed video and blog post about our first process of our van conversion, but for now thats all we really have done.

Building the van has definitely been a trying, frustrating experience..but we are up for the challenge and the outcome of it all will be worth every drop of blood sweat and tears! Also, sometimes it's hard to agree and we have to compromise on certain things that each of us really want..but I think that every couple goes through that once they decide to buy a house, rent an apartment, or anything of that matter. 


We took a step back for a while on our business because we really wanted to realign and refocus our goals after we graduated from school. It definitely was a big change for us to be full time entrepreneurs instead of part time students and part time entrepreneurs, so our business took the back burner while we refreshed ourselves and took some time off to get inspired again. While we took some time off we worked on a few jobs...

One being content creators for Sseko (we will go into more detail tomorrow about this amazing company) , this job has been fun and exciting and going on adventures in our barely finished van gave us so much inspiration and insight to our future goals with State of Mind Studio. Tomorrow we will be sharing our photoshoot from Sseko and we are pretty excited to share our work again, It's been a long time! Another shoot we did was with Flume Leather Co. this shoot was particularly fun because we got to experiment with night photography. We will be sharing those photos shortly with you as well. 

The last job we got to work on was with Stay Wild Magazine. We were selected to be a part of the Stay Wild Adventure Club and we were sent with a few others that we've never met on this epic excursion exploring Klamath Falls Oregon. During this trip we got to create so much content with other creatives that loved the outdoors as much as we do. It was so fun, we can't wait to share that story with you soon!

What's Next......

We are back in business with our blog so expect to hear more from us! We created a new blog strategy and will be sharing a lot of fun goodies with you. If you love the outdoors, travel, photography, van life, and adventuring as much as we do then we think you should stick around and see whats to come. 

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Thank you for all of your support and hanging in there with us while we get our shit together. Tomorrow we will be posting about our photoshoot with Sseko!