Studio Updates: May 2016

Whew! It's been a while since you've heard from us. We are currently in this crazy transition phase of our lives. Selling everything we own out of our apartment has been interesting. We sold all of our big major furniture items, the smaller items we will be having a garage sale at a friends house and the stuff that doesn't sell goes to donation. I sold my car a couple weeks ago, so it has been interesting not having a means of transportation. It's a good thing we are in walking distance to everything we need!

Our apartment lease is up sooner than we will be graduating so figuring out who's house we will stay at for a couple weeks has been interesting as well. We will be purchasing our sprinter van this weekend! Of course there will be plenty of photos posted once we do. I am so excited to finally start this conversion and get going. But, first..we have to graduate college. As a graphic design major we will have a huge portfolio show at the end of the year in June and I have been constantly preparing for that. Revising all my projects, printing, photographing, and re-designing our website all while selling everything we own, and moving into a van is rather crazy! We also have managed to get into a few projects before we leave! Couldn't resist! So, there will be some fun new projects to share on our site and eventually a new website with an updated portfolio. Everything seems to be coming together in one big crazy mess and everything is unexpected. Some people might get extremely stressed about all of this stuff going on at once, but i'm just excited! 

The studio journal has been on the back burner, but tomorrow we will be featuring a new Fearless Nomad guest, one of my favorite designers! I am hoping to get to our blog more consistently but it has been a challenge especially with so much on our plates. Once we are graduated and done with school we will finally be a FULL TIME STUDIO! How exciting is that? I can't wait to create, share, collaborate, and work with amazing people. 

Alright, that is all. Have a great week everyone and thank you for all of your support through our process of building and becoming better at what we do every day. We hope you stick around to see all of the exciting things that will be coming soon. Sign up for our email list below to receive exclusive behind the scenes updates. Cheers!