This year has been great so far. One thing I have figured out is that it's completely OK to take our time. While on the outside it may look like someone has their shit all reality they may not. No one has their shit together, everyone is always constantly figuring it out, failing at something, having a weird day, and being lazy. No one is perfect. I have gotten that idea out of my head and I think you should too. 

I usually have a problem with having too many ideas, I blame it a little on having a low attention span and a very active brain. I tend to have a hard time focusing on ONE thing at a time, so this year I have been slower with projects and being more intentional with what I work on. My friend Caitlin who is seriously the best, always inspires me and just gives me so much creative energy. So, with her extra help and push Cody and I have been focusing on building our website and portfolio. We had to get something out there to the world. Caitlin helped us with the content, I built the website, and Cody has been working on some really amazing video projects to add to our portfolio. Now that we are officially online and working with some cool clients behind the scenes we have time to focus on our blog, social media, and collaborating with awesome people. 

I wanted to share this month with you that Cody and I will be graduating from Portland State University in June officially! We both will be earning our Bachelors degree.. Cody will be receiving his Bachelors of Science in Film with a minor in Graphic Design and I will be receiving my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. We are ecstatic to be finished with school, it has been a crazy journey and were more than ready to be 100% full time with State Of Mind Studio. Going the unconventional route of what you typically do after college has been terrifying, exciting, and inspiring. We have so many ideas and plans up our sleeves which we will hopefully be sharing in the next couple months.

Moving along, here are our studio goals for March! This month we have about 1.5 weeks of spring break and we have one road trip planned, but mostly we will be focusing on our business and upcoming projects. I am also pretty certain we will have a spontaneous trip mixed in there. 


We have many projects that are just hanging out on our hard drives that need to be revised, printed, and photographed for presentation. I believe our portfolio can be THAT much better and attract dream clients if we get those projects up on our website. I have a goal to get our photo projects up, and a couple design projects that need to be photographed this month. We will just look that much more professional if we get those on there. It's a struggle fest sometimes getting your work out there!


Hike Chat is new blog series we have an idea for, we are trying something new and unconventional and are hoping it will turn out interesting. Long story short...basically we will take cool people on hikes and interview them. The most honest and raw material comes from hikes because we are able to tune out the world and be focused on the present moment considering most of the time you are not distracted by phones/instagram/twitter/emails. Hiking is our time to focus, be present in nature, and have meaningful, engaging conversations with cool people that have interesting stories. I am hoping to get our first one in the works over our break.


Email lists are all the rage these days. We have a small list currently and haven't been intentional about sending anything. I haven't really thought out how we are going to go about doing this. Emails are irritating especially when best buy wants me to spend 4958439058403 dollars every week. Sorry, but I don't want your "deals". How can we make an email newsletter that matters to people? What can we include, what do people want to know? I think we will probably be a little more raw with what we share there and pull back the curtain a little more. I also am working on creating a fantastic opt-in freebie! The focus this month will be to plan what we are going to send, and create a great useful freebie to get people interested in hearing what else we have to say.


I wanna make cool stuff. I have dreams about making cool prints, selling our photography, and even designing fun camera straps or travel items! I just really want to create stuff with my hands so having a shop just really sounds like a great creative outlet for Cody and I. I think last month I had too many ideas, but this month I want to take it a little slower and plan out what we will sell so that it makes sense and lines up with our brand.

Alright, with that said I hope you all have an amazing March. Spring is right around the corner!

What adventures do you have planned for spring break?