Studio Goals | January 2016

It’s the new year! We are so excited and ready to begin this new adventure. Last week I wanted to share our goals, but we had a final end of the year vacation planned and I just wanted to not think about anything related to our blog until the new year. Cody and I rented a cabin with some friends up at Mt. Hood for the weekend and we did an amazing night snowboarding sesh at Ski Bowl. Right before midnight Cody and I went to the top and we waited in the windy snow for the firework show.

The fireworks started and it was seriously the most epic thing in the world! Being on top of the mountain watching fireworks is the best way to feel excited for the new year. We then rode down the mountain together while the fireworks were going off and at the bottom there was a flare runway to snowboard through. I was screaming the whole way down. It was seriously SO much fun. We then stayed at the cabin all weekend playing games with our friends and relaxing. I definitely was not ready for the week to start this morning, but we got lucky today and our school was closed due to very icy roads. So Today is another free day, but it will give me time to focus on our goals. I am so excited and feel so refreshed for the new year. This year is going to be full of changes and new adventures. With that said I wanted to go over our goals for January.


Cody and I decided we needed something new and exciting to do, and an activity where we can meet new people that have similar interests. So we got a membership at a rock climbing gym down the street from our apartment. We are so excited to start something new! It will also keep us in good shape and hopefully we can make some friends that are into outdoor activities like we are. We figured going to a place like this we would definitely meet some others that are interested in the stuff we are. Were going to buy some rock climbing gear and head there every week! To break this goal down into a more accomplishable smaller task were going to start off with a goal of going rock climbing once a week, and hopefully we can build up from there. I think once per week can be easily accomplished!


We started this goal before the new year because we got some amazing coloring books as a gift for christmas. There are so many studies on why coloring is good for your soul, so to better start off our day every single day we are going to color. That may sound hard and like a lot of coloring, but we decided we would only color for as long as it takes us to drink our coffee. Making it a great time for us to connect in the morning without our phones or checking our emails. It also gets our brains active and I think has been helping us with our creativity and productivity as well. So, the goal here is to make sure whenever we wake up to grab our coffee and sit down and enjoy the first 20-30 minutes of the day.


We are graduating this year from college, meaning that we definitely will need to start saving for our next adventure. Having a big cushion to fall back on once school is over will be really nice for us to have. We started this goal by creating a set budget for going out, restaurants, and groceries. That way we don’t over spend on dining out. It is really hard to not want to walk down the street to our favorite restaurants as much as we used to, but it will definitely help us save more in the long run. We are unsure of what or where we want to be once were done with school, so having money saved up will give us the option to choose anything!


We want to start an online shop and sell our work that will be useful to other entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners. We figured selling some stock photography, textures, prints and other exciting things would really make our shop what we envision. To start this month I am going to gather some photos to sell as packs, and also I bought a nice scanner..meaning I can create textures, and objects to sell as props for images or designs. So, i am going to head over to the forest right next to our house and grab some ferns and scan them in and make them available to use for any project.


We are at about 970 followers on INSTAGRAM right now, which is awesome! We love Instagram the most out of any social media platform so focusing our efforts there will hopefully get us some traffic and get some clients! We feel that instagram just makes the most sense for our business. So, our goal for this month is to get 530 more followers! And, not just any followers, but people that truly love what we do and support us. So with this goal we will have to focus really hard on what types of things to post and figure out other ways to find people that love what we do. I think to start Cody and I are going to research ways to get noticed, and also be more strategic in what we post. Currently we really only post what we feel like posting that day, or something that relates to what is on our blog, but I think we can do better!


We are in school still, which should be enough classes for Cody and I, but we want to further develop our skills and sometimes universities don’t always have the classes you want to take available. That is where SKILLSHARE comes in! Cody got a membership to skillshare and we are both going to take advantage of that! I want to take an icon design class so I can create a series of icons for our business, and Cody wants to take some motion graphics classes. I also signed up for COCORRINA’S NEW COURSE that start on Jan. 11th and I am SUPER stoked for that. I cannot wait to see what she has to teach, she is one of my favorite designers and learning from someone like her is a dream!

Alright, I am so excited to get started on this year and our new goals! I will share updates here and there about how these are going. I hope everyone had a fantastic new year and I hope you accomplish all of your goals that you have planned.



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