Stay Wild Adventure Club Video & Photo Story

Last month, we embarked on one of the most epic journeys we've ever been on so far. We got the amazing opportunity to meet new adventure buddies, and were sent off to explore places around Klamath, Oregon. We were handed a loose map, some goods, and creative freedom. We basically got to decide what we wanted to create.  The video above is a collaborated effort, so we hope you enjoy!

We think it made the perfect story. This will be the first of many Adventure Club episodes and we are so excited that we were a part of it.

If you're driving up from California or some other state to party with us at the Stay Wild EXPO, maybe stay a night in Klamath and get into a place that's not Insta-Famous yet? More travel info HERE >>>

Our printed story will be released this fall in the next issue of Stay Wild Magazine so be sure to check in and follow along to grab your copy!

The night before our adventure we packed our bags, cleaned out the van, and went to sleep early. All these thoughts ran through our heads...who are these people we are meeting? What exactly are we doing? The thought of having no idea what to expect all gave us some anxiety. When we all met that morning at TILT in downtown Portland, we discovered we all felt the same. We all clicked instantly and immediately started using the skateboards, although none of us even know how to skateboard..we had fun on those things.

The first day, we spent most of it driving. We set off to Crater Lake only to realize we never actually bought any food, or firewood for the we went to LaPine, Oregon to grab some supplies..Plenty of beer and wine included. Once we arrived to Crater Lake, the park ranger told us that it was 0% visibility and it was dumping rain. Cody and I knew the area and thought it might be fun to drive 20 minutes east to Umpqua Hot Springs. We all had been in the car for 6+ hours so a hot springs in the pouring rain sounded excellent. We made two new friends at the hot springs. Climbers exploring around Oregon, they were from Ohio. One was a special ed teacher, and the other a physical therapist! We invited them to hang at our campsite to eat dinner and make smores. As we were cooking our hotdogs over the fire, we realized we had no ketchup or mustard. But our new friends were clutch and gave us some amazing german mustard. Definitely made our dinner! 

In the morning we all made breakfast, coffee, and charged our devices using Biolites awesome solar panel. The solar panel was pretty awesome, we just set it out in a sunny patch while we cooked breakfast. Next we left for Crater Lake. It was a beautiful clear day so we actually got to see the lake. It was pretty crowded, it is a national park after all. It did feel a little like disneyland but we had a great time regardless. Skateboarding on the street, making sandwiches, and illegally flying Alin's drone. We also happened to run into our friends from the night before which was a great surprise. 

After Crater Lake we decided we needed to try out our OruKayak's at the Lake of the Woods. So we headed down the Volcanic Scenic Byway and saw this very long desolate road, Cody and I stopped the van and Alin, Monica and Liz pulled up next to us and we all looked at eachother and yelled "SKATEBOARDS!!!" We pulled over and grabbed the Element skateboards and started goofing around like children, screaming out "CAR" whenever a car was coming and we all would run off to the side of the road. I felt like I was 9 years old again. This was probably one of my favorite memories from the whole trip.

Once we were done messing around, we arrived at Lake of the Woods Lodge, and found a campsite about 5 minutes away from the lodge where we set up our awesome mushroom Burton Tent. We then started to assemble our OruKayak's and then we asked the police officer if we could fly our drone. We got approved, got life jackets, and sailed of into the sunset.  We ate dinner at a cafe that was right on the water. Everyone was really nice and we all had a great time. Once the sun started to go down we drove back to our camp site and relaxed and chilled.

While we were sitting and chatting, Cody and I looked at eachother and telipathically decided we needed to make a light painting photo. I ran over to the tent and turned on the lantern, and cody grabbed the camera to set it up on a tripod. Everyone asked us what we were up to and we said just stay still, the first try was very challenging and we told everyone what we were trying to accomplish. Each of us then tried to write STAY WILD with a flashlight backwards, but we were all a little too buzzed to figure it out. Finally on the LAST try we got the shot! We were so excited about this photo, maybe its a potential magazine cover? Eh? :-D

In the morning we grabbed breakfast at the Lake of the Woods Lodge. It was fantastic. Coffee, pancakes, eggs, lots of bacon. Cody and I decided to be the rowdy ones of the group and order a bloody mary and a mimosa. My bloody mary even had bacon in it. Best way to start the day. We also made a cute friend named 

After breakfast, we headed down to Klamath Falls to check out the town. We had plenty of options to go explore, but once again we all decided to put those skateboards to use and go to a skatepark. "Maybe it will be easier on a smooth surface" Boy, were we wrong.  We all hung out at the skatepark that we basically had all to ourselves. We took pics, Alin took videos of us eating shit, and we all had a blast pretending to be skateboarders. 

After the skatepark we grabbed lunch at the Klamath Falls Brewery where we had fries, beer and salad. Then for our last final goodbye, we went to a random parking lot in the downtown area because thats always a good place to say goodbyes. We also put the drone to good use. There must have been something in the water because all of us were being complete goof balls.

Here's what we learned from our trip:

- Having no direction, is sometimes the best direction of all.

- Going on adventures with complete strangers is really fun, and we all became great friends afterwards.

- Making friends with unexpected strangers at hot springs is fun and interesting to discover who others are.

- Never let a little rain ruin your plans, just improvise and make new ones!

- Skateboarding is hard.

- Drones are illegal in national parks. (oops)

- Always keep an open mind, and an open heart.

- Life was meant for good friends, and grand adventures.

Thanks for watching and reading our story! In the fall our printed story will be out in the next issue of Stay Wild Magazine. We'd love for you to check it out and keep in touch. Let us know if you think our adventure turned out to be a great story.

Also, Thanks to Burton for the awesome tent, chairs and hammock. Element Brand for the clothes and skateboards. Sanuk for the shoes. Celestron for the amazing binoculars. Biolite for the solar panel charger. Orukayak for the awesome foldable kayaks. Proof Eyewear for the fantastic shades. And, Stay Wild Magazine for making all of this magic happen. Oh, and of course..thanks to our adventure buddies Alin Dragulin, Monica Mo, and Liz Ibarra for making the best adventure club to date!