Quiz: Which Type of Digital Nomad Are You?


Dreaming of ditching your 9-5 for something a little more flexible? Hate going into work on Monday mornings? Dreading going into your restaurant job every weekend night just to make some extra cash?

I feel ya. I was there too. Waitressing at the ol' spaghetti factory all weekend long and attending college during the weekdays. 

Even when I finally landed my dream job interning as a graphic designer at an amazing outdoor footwear company, I was still dreading going into the office.

I knew that I was never meant for the traditional route in life and that there had to be another way! That's when I entered the world of becoming a digital nomad.

The people that adventure for a living, work on their business in boogey coffee shops, and who get to sleep in on Monday mornings instead of spending two hours in a commute to an office they dread going into.


That's what I wanted to be.

I wanted it and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I started out freelancing and blogging. Now I do a little bit of everything!

That's why I made this quiz for you, so that you can figure out which digital nomad path to take. Before you go quitting your 9-5, discover what you should actually be doing with this simple 5 question quiz!