How We Created An Epic Story For Our Client In Less Than 24 Hours


A few weeks ago, we were thrilled to work together with North Agency to create content and tell a visual story for Stanley-PMI's new Master Series Collection, which they were featuring at this years Outdoor Retailer Show. 

The problem North was facing? Finding someone in a short amount of time to commit to driving all the way from Seattle to Salt Lake City in 5 days. This project started 5 days from then, and had to be completed in less than 24 hours time. The fact that we were flexible and able to literally drive our studio up to Seattle, all the way back down to Salt Lake City was definitely what sold them on working with us (plus the fact that we were niched content creators in the outdoor industry). What we do in our own free time was what they wanted us to do for their story. The idea behind this whole project was to prove that Stanley's Master Series Collection actually WILL keep your coffee hot for 40 hours. (It did, in case you were wondering). 

We proved this as a fact by starting at 6am at Analog Coffee to fill all of the thermoses being delivered to PR reps and then spent the next 17 hours driving, and documenting our journey to the Outdoor Retailer Show. This included taking photos and editing them along the way, sending them hour by hour updates of where we were, including small captions with our photos in order for North to repost and understand what we were doing at the time, and putting together 15 completely different individual scrapbook journals. You can check out the SEAtoSLC instagram right here,  Stanley also shared images from the trip using Instagram Stories, which we LOVE to use for business (but that's for another post in the future).

Scope of work:

  • Create and document our adventure from SEAtoSLC.
  • Edit and Upload content in a timely matter for North to add to instagram/social platforms.
  • Deliver thermoses on time and make sure the contact received them.
  • Make sure each thermos had a name/coffee/and matching scrapbook journal.

The project started off at Analog Coffee in Seattle. A quaint coffee shop located up on Capitol Hill. Here are a few shots of us filling up the coffee and loading it into the van. Thanks to the amazing staff there, and also a Stanley rep that worked with us to make it happen! They were so awesome and helpful, plus Analog made us some coffee too. It was 6am ya know.. its hard to make projects about coffee at that hour and not drink some too! We definitely recommend checking this coffee shop out if you're in the area.

11..Truck traffic ahead-trip soon to be delayed.jpg
9..checking out the scenery.jpg

Another fun thing we got to do was write each PR reps name on each thermos and create field notes scrapbook journals for each person and fill them with photos of our trip with the Stanley Thermoses. That way when they were delivered, each person got their own individual scrapbook filled with photos of our journey. Basically evidence that we actually did this. Along with an epic story of how it made it to their hands.

Issues along the way:

  • Traffic that set us back 5+ hours.
  • Lack of WiFi in certain locations.
  • Working in the dark & late night hours.

We set off for Utah as soon as we were finished loading the thermoses into the van. We stopped along the way at anything we thought was interesting or remarkable. Our content creation ended once it started to get dark, and then we were driving into the wee hours of the night. Cody drove through all of Idaho and Utah late in the night while I spent time uploading photos to the Instax Mini Printer and creating 15 different scrapbooks for each of the PR members. This definitely took a while, but it was SO worth it in the end because everyone loved them. I was a little worried about my handwriting in the scrapbooks because I was writing in complete darkness, but thankfully it turned out amazing.

18. The mightyness.jpg
19. workin on the railroad.jpg


  • Making sure to stop in locations we found available WiFi so we could send content in a timely matter.
  • Taking advantage of the traffic stops, and finding scenic places nearby to enjoy and create content.
  • Delivering quality content regardless of the situation & being resourceful with what we had.

We arrived to Salt Lake City around 4am, we were still cranking out some scrapbooks and got about an hour of sleep before we had to deliver the thermoses to our contact in SLC. As soon as we dropped those steaming hot thermoses off, we drove to a quiet neighborhood nearby and parked our Mercedes Sprinter Van and took a nap. (one of the MANY perks about living and working in your van). Once we woke up we were invited by Stanley to check out the Outdoor Retailer Show and have some happy hour drinks. It was so great to see our work in action at their booth and to be able to check out how insane the Outdoor Retailer Show is. It is so BIG. Its indescribable. We definitely got lost in there. 

Mufasa view point..jpg
the precious cargo in all its glory idaho border 930pm.jpg
stanley-grassy-eastern-wa (5 of 5).jpg


  • Content delivered, gained some traction on social following.
  • Thermoses delivered to each PR Rep
  • Product had a story behind it, giving PR reps something to talk about.
  • All content displayed in Outdoor Retailer Show booth.
  • Great feedback from Stanley-PMI & great PR for the new series.
  • An epic tale about the Stanley Thermoses being delivered to the show in less than 24 hours.

After that we decided to camp that evening on Antelope Island and enjoy a few beers, hot dogs, and smores. Definitely worth it after a hard days work! Antelope Island is a remarkable place, with so much wildlife all around you. We saw bison, birds, plenty of bugs, and even listened to the coyotes howl in the night. A perfect way to end a wonderful project.

After reflection on our time working on this project, one of the hardest things about our trip was definitely timing. In such a short amount of time, there is always bound to be something..traffic, delays, breaking down. So, it's always good to be prepared and use your time wisely. We felt that we did a great job with what we had, and North and our client seemed to think so as well! 

"You captured some great content, have a great eye for good photos, and killed it with creating great looking journals while driving. It was amazing how quickly you were able to make the trip, as well as your willingness to wake up early and drive through the night to get the job done " Stuart Perkins, Director/Social Content, NORTH AGENCY

Overall we think this content creation trip was a success, and definitely a very interesting way to promote a product and all of its amazing features. We are happy that North Agency came up with such a great idea and that we were able to bring this idea to life and make an epic story out of it. View final photos from this project here. 

Are you interested in working with us to create an epic story like this about your brand or products? Head over to our studio info page to learn more about our abilities!

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