Flume Leather Co. Summer Nights Campaign

Back in June, Cody and I we're working with our good friend Luke Davais, founder of Flume Leather Co. on a new campaign for his summer launch of all black leather goods.(we worked with him on a photo shoot earlier this year, click here to check it out.) He came to us with a vision about his project and that was to shoot at night. Now, as many photographers know..night photographs can be some of the most challenging photos to take, but we told Luke we would be more than happy to make it happen. We set a date, scheduled some models, and waited patiently for when we met up. 


*Hand Lettering done by Portland designer- Piper Hayworth

The reasoning behind this campaign was that Luke had started creating all black leather goods, so black that the leather was dyed twice, and even the stitching was black. Giving it that rough around the edges, gritty look. Of course, to go with the theme of the campaign we set out to the industrial east side of Portland.

The plan was to meet at a local bar called White Owl Social Club, where we would introduce ourselves to everyone and then begin shooting lifestyle imagery to go with Luke's campaign, "Summer Nights Are Best In Black". It started out to be very fun, and half the time we we're still in shock that this is our job. Once we lost all daylight we worked with the elements around the city... like the street lights, neon signs, and building interiors to create light for our photographs,. We even started using a small flashlight to help with lighting, which we discovered made the photographs more dynamic.. That part can be the most challenging aspect, especially because when shooting photographs in the dark, you are using a longer shutter speed, making any movement in your photos appear blurry. We had to make sure the models stood still, but having that small flashlight helped with giving the photos the light it needed. 


Another issue with working in the dark is that your photos are at a higher ISO, and the higher the ISO the more grainy your image will appear, but with a little Photoshop and Lightroom magic  it definitely helped us make these images look fantastic.

Flume Leather Co. is a local Portland company owned by our friend Luke Davais. He is the creator and magic maker behind this company and we love what he is doing as a small business owner. You can check our our recent Fearless Nomad interview with him to learn more about why he does what he does, and then head over to his website to check our his summer line! His products are amazing, made with quality materials, and ethical production. It's definitely a company you can stand behind. Stay tuned for another collaboration project coming next month, We can't wait to share with you!