As Oregon natives, it can be easy to talk up our own state. But, we truly believe this coastal town is one of the BEST on the Pacific Northwest. Manzanita is a small, quiet town that is about a 20 minute drive away from the more popular beaches like Seaside and Cannon Beach. Manzanita is a beautiful oceanside city with seven miles of sandy beach and it possesses the third most photographed scenery in Oregon, which once you arrive you can understand why.

Cody and I always head to this beach because it is not packed with people, and has a quaint environment. There is a small grocery store we went to to grab some snacks, a candy shop where we ate chocolate covered smore’s, and a great book store to grab something to read while sitting on the beach. Now, in Oregon it is a rare occurrence for the beach to be nice enough to sit on a blanket and read a book. Normally it is windy, cold, and crisp. Not ideal for your typical beachgo-er. We always wait for the perfect opportunity to go to the beach, and this day happened to be one of them. It was about 70 degrees out, with a light fog coming in which made for a really interesting day at the beach. No people, and the clouds made it barely visible, but the sun was peeking through the fog to make for a beautiful glowy day. On this day we went with my closest friend and the goal of this day was to find the perfect piece of driftwood for a project I was working on. So this day was filled with spontaneous events because we had no real set plans of getting anything done besides finding a stick.

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