Over the new year weekend we rented an Airbnb up in Government Camp. Government camp is a mountain town located in Mt. Hood National Forest. This is frequently one of our favorite places to visit because we love the mountain, and we love snowboarding. We always head up to Timberline Lodge to snowboard for the day and this weekend was the perfect way to ring in the new year.

We had a few friends with us, and Paige took over the camera while we snowboarded for a while. The first night we were there on New Years Eve we went to Ski Bowl to watch fireworks up on the mountain. It was seriously the most epic new years eve experience we ever had! Unfortunately we didn’t have the camera that night. The next day we took a rest day and headed down to Government Camp which has all kinds of gifct shops, restaurants, and coffee shops as well. We wandered around and saw horse carriages with sleigh bells riding around, grabbed a mocha, and headed down to the Ratskellar where we ordered calzones to-go because it was so crowded with all of the people staying over the holidays. The next day we woke up early and headed up to Timberline Lodge which was only about a 6 mile drive up the mountain. It was sunny, and beautiful and full of fresh powdery snow. Cody and I had the camera at first, but my friend Paige was staying in the lodge for the day so we let her take over for the rest of the evening while we enjoyed the mountain. She got some really great shots, so of course we had to give her credit for taking some of these. All in all, I highly recommend coming up here, Timberline Lodge is a monument in itself being a historical marker. The movie “The Shining” was based off Timberline Lodge. There are also amazing views above the clouds, and you literally are on an active volcano, but we try not to think about that. Its pretty bad ass though to tell your friends you snowboarded on a volcano all weekend.

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