The Rule Is That There Are No Rules [Studio Updates]

Happy Friday Friends. For the weekend, we are soakin' up some vitamin D in California working on some product photography for a new and exciting client. We will be sharing more about that next week.

Moving on, Cody and I are almost finished with our college path in life. June 10th is the big day when we graduate. It's a little scary to be done and on the next chapter in life. It always is. As excited as I am, we are at a point in our lives of immense change. We are officially grown ups, out in the real world. This idea has gotten us thinking where do we go next? What is our next adventure? Living the typical post-grad life does not sound appealing to us. Cody and I have never really been conventional in any way, so we had a long discussion about where we're going. 

We have been talking about buying a van and traveling all over the US for the last two years. So we thought- "hey, what if we just sell everything we own, buy a van, and do that..right now?" Cody and I immediately started trying to figure out if it was possible and after a few hours of discussion we decided why the hell not? Honestly, now is the best time. We have no obligations, we have a blank slate. if we wait to do this then other things might come up, but right now is the best time to make it happen! We already love road trips and have driven across the country countless times in my Mazda3. And, we can literally work from anywhere! We can work from coffee shops, we can sell products online, and we can come to our clients and work with them in person all over the US. Cody and I have always been pretty simple, so getting rid of stuff will not be difficult.

With all the money we have saved so far, plus the money we make from selling our stuff we are going to buy a Sprinter Van. Then we will spend a few months converting it into a livable space, plan our adventure, and share the whole process on here. I'm stoked for this new life, a little nervous, and overall so excited and happy to go on a big adventure with Cody. We always have so much fun together and really enjoy going to new places and are very compatible people. I know that a lot of our friends and family will probably think we are insane but that's OK. The most exciting thing about life is that there are no rules on how you should live it. 

If you or someone you know is living the #vanlife let us know! We'd love to connect.