Bonneville Salt Flats with Sseko

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One of our absolute favorite things to do is explore and discover new places, and the best way to do this is by driving EVERYWHERE. That's why we decided to live in a van and work on the go, living the digital nomad lifestyle...because of all the interesting places you discover that you normally wouldn't if you were to fly there.

Recently we started working with Sseko Designs, an ethical sandal company for women. (More details about that later.) On our latest excursion to Breckenridge, Colorado..we we're driving through Nevada and as soon as we crossed the border into Utah, we came across the Bonneville Salt Flats. WOW, magical. I never even knew this place existed until we came across it while driving. After we saw it we knew it'd be the perfect place to shoot Sseko's summer content. The theme for the month was "The Future Is Bright". We were asked to shoot bright colors, with neutral backgrounds, so this place was the perfect discovery.  We parked the van and set off with our camping rocking chairs to set up and watch the sunset while we frolicked around in the salty abyss.

The Bonneville Salt Flats is a large densely packed salt pan in Northwestern Utah. It is a remnant of Lake Bonneville. One of the most awesome things about this place is that the access is free, there is plenty of space making it great for photos because you don't have families photobombing your pictures in the background, and visitors can drive on the salt flats. Although we don't recommend driving on it because salt is not very good for cars. The only place to really stop and check them out safely without pulling on the side of the road is the Rest Stop located on W I80. There are usually plenty of people checking them out, but you can walk out for miles and getting away from the crowds is easy peasy. Also, another fact about this place, it holds the worlds fastest land speed record at the Bonneville Speedway. 

Now, back to the shoot. The most amazing thing about this wonderful company is that the women who MAKE these products live in Uganda, they are being paid fairly, and every time you purchase a product from Sseko they send a brave passionate woman to college. After recently graduating from college, this is a company that I can definitely stand behind because an education is priceless. Learning and knowledge is the most powerful thing we can give to others, and it's the one thing that no one can ever take away from us.

I also love that I can order a pair of shoes, and also purchase many different designs of ribbons or sandal accents for my shoes. That way I can have one pair, but change the ribbons or accents to go with whatever outfit I choose. This is literally perfect for downsizing my life, and living in a 66SQ ft van. Van life community women, this is the shoe for you..we all know that shoes are the hardest thing to downsize. The plus side is, you can feel great about your purchase and where your money goes because again, it sends a beautiful passionate woman in Uganda to college. 

Did I mention how comfortable they are?  I walk around all day in these sandals and come home with no blisters on my feet, I always get blisters on my feet from my shoes because I have a bit of a wider foot than most. These shoes are some of the first sandals i've ever bought that have never given me a single blister!

We watched the sunset, and ran around taking photos. The salt was sticky and reminiscent of snow, it would stick to the bottom of my sandals and I would have to scrape it off! Once the sun went down, the bugs started to come out so we headed back to our van and decided to just spend the night there. We had another 12 hour drive ahead of us the next day to Portland so that we could work with Stay Wild Magazine..(we will be sharing all the fun content from that next week.) All in all, I reccommend snagging a pair of these shoes because this week is Ssekos 7th birthday! Meaning all week they will be celebrating by giving you a discount. I also definitely reccomend going to the Salt Flats..its definitely a sight that is worth seeing, plus it tastes salty..we tried it..I have to make sure its salt right? :-D

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