We’re Lexi & Cody, the van-trepreneurs behind Dynamo Ultima! 

We run a video production studio full time IN OUR SOLAR POWERED SPRINTER VAN.

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If you’re aiming to live a nomadic lifestyle and figure out a sustainable way to make living while working from wherever you’d like, then you’re in the right place. 

We know how challenging it can be to make your mark in the world of working remotely. It can be overwhelming to manage your business ideas, learn how to get more clients, and make enough money all while keeping your head above water when it comes to your health, family, and relationships. Let’s not even talk about traveling.

We’ve struggled too. For many years we were dissapointed, crashed, burned, and just plain tired of feeling like we’re not good enough. We totally understand that it’s hard and it can feel like you’re completely alone on this journey.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 


Enter Work From Wherever

Over the last 6 years of freelancing and starting our own business, we’ve created a ton of helpful content on the subject of becoming a digital nomad, starting your business, and working remotely so you can have more freedom and flexibility in your life. Because traveling the world and spending more time outdoors than in an office is one of your biggest goals in life.

Here are a few of our popular resources that I know will help you in your digital nomad journey. 

Work From Wherever Starter Kit: Everything You Need To Know About Working Remotely & Making An Income Online is the culmination of over a decade in the outsourcing industry and the result of working with thousands of entrepreneurs on their virtual team building strategies.

Work From Wherever Workshops : Mini workshops for nomadic entrepreneurs. Go full time with your business!

  • Plan your business plan
  • How to make your website look legit AF
  • How to pitch to companies you want to work with


Work From Wherever Crew

A community of aspiring & seasonal digital nomads who want to work online & travel. This group is where you can be held accountable every week, share information, ask questions, and connect with other like minded people.


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