Chillbachi Ice Grill

Name development, Brand Identity, website, photography


Chillbachi Ice Grill is a thai rolled ice cream inspired food cart based out of Long Beach, CA. Jacob first came to us because he had a business idea, but really needed help coming up with a unique business name and brand identity so that he could launch his business with confidence. We came up with the name Chillbachi Ice Grill because the process of creating rolled ice cream is similar to a Hibachi grill. The chef will use a state-of-the-art extremely cold ice grill to perform a theatrical chopping flair while magically crafting magnificent rolls of ice cream. We combined the word chill and hibachi to create Chillbachi Ice Grill.

Once we came up with a solid name and brand strategy, we then created a fun, simple, modern brand identity. We wanted to keep the branding simple and use the color blue to give the brand an icy cold feeling. 

Our clients we're happy with the results which gave them the confidence they needed to move forward. They've successfully catered tons of events, and set up their cart daily at different markets around LA. They came back to us to get custom brand photography and a website created for their brand because it was growing so quickly.